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4 of The Best Ways to Back Up Data at Home

  While we like to think that the information stored on our computers is safe and protected from any harm, that is unfortunately not the case. Data loss by hardware attacks, ransomware, and other cybercrime is always a looming threat. Plus, you can’t forget about system failure.

Backup Your Entire Computer in 3 Easy Steps

Data loss happens due to all kinds of reasons, including ransomware, viral attacks, human error, and so much more. Losing important files is more common than you think. Knowing that you could lose all of your data is a scary thought, especially if you aren’t sure how to backup your entire computer.

Should I Cover My Laptop Camera?

If you’ve ever seen co-workers attend a meeting with tape, stickers, or sticky notes over their laptop cameras, you may have wondered to yourself, “Should I cover my laptop camera, too?” Well, it depends on who you ask. Continue reading as Computer Troubleshooters lays out the reasons for covering a laptop’s camera and whether or […]

How to Make Android Calls From Your PC

Windows 10 has given Android users a reason to rejoice. Like Team iPhone, they too can enjoy the convenience of taking and making phone calls directly from a computer. While this update came about in February before most were working from home, it’s especially pertinent now that we’re relying on a condensed version of our […]

Tech Tips to Troubleshoot a Computer

Few things are as frustrating as computer problems. We all rely on technology for work and at home, and if your device isn’t working correctly, it can put a damper on your productivity. Before you bring your device into the experts, try these tips to troubleshoot a computer at home.