Backup Your Entire Computer in 3 Easy Steps

Data loss happens due to all kinds of reasons, including ransomware, viral attacks, human error, and so much more. Losing important files is more common than you think. Knowing that you could lose all of your data is a scary thought, especially if you aren’t sure how to backup your entire computer. Read more

What is your computer doing during YOUR holiday?

Your computer provides you with a lot of assistance in planning holidays and other trips throughout the year. Remember the hours you spent on various websites looking for the perfect holiday destination? How about all of the online comparison shopping you did to find the ideal Hawaiian resort? Remember that awesome discount deal you scored on those air tickets? How could you have planned your summer trip without your computer? Read more

7 Reasons Your Small Business Must Have a Back Up Solution!

It is 2014, and we all know that every business should have a backup (and a recovery plan) for their most critical data.  The reality is that over 40% of Small and Medium Sized Business do not back up their data at all, and that 60% of backups fail when tested! Read more

The Importance of National Cyber Security Month

Earlier this year, major corporations on Wall Street faced a massive cyber attack, according to Reuters, in which stock prices dropped dramatically, essential financial and government websites crashed, and billions of dollars were wiped off of balance sheets.
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Do You Have a Reliable and Tested Backup System in Place?

Imagine that you are working on some critical financial data at the office or perhaps sorting through family photographs on your computer at home. What would you do if the computer containing all of your business and/or personal information crashed and your entire “digital life” suddenly vanished? What would you do if your computer was lost in a fire, destroyed in a flood or stolen at the airport? Do these scenarios put you into an automatic panic thinking about your data? At least the information can be recovered because you have a reliable and tested backup solution in place. Right? Read more

Protect Your Small Business Against Identity Theft

We all know identity theft is a problem, but get a load of this new stat: According to a Javelin Strategy & Research report, there was a new victim of identity fraud every three seconds in 2012. Wow. Read more

Computer Data Recovery

In the life of an everyday computer user, data is everything.  Data can be Word documents, reports for work or school, family pictures and movies, emails and calendar entries, and plenty of other vital items that are a part of your day-to-day life and live on your computer.

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