Learn How to Easily Secure Your Apple ID

When it comes to protecting your Apple ID, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You use this same account across multiple platforms, including FaceTime, iTunes, iMessage, and the App Store. Plus, your Apple ID account holds a fair amount of personal information and payment methods you wouldn’t want ending up in the wrong hands. If you’re wondering if you’re taking the right security measures, keep reading as we cover three easy ways you can secure your Apple ID. Read more

How to Switch From Windows to Mac in a Few Easy Steps

Mac’s market share is growing slowly by surely. In the past seven years, Apple has taken a chunk of Windows’ market share. In total, over 17% of users rely on iOS, a 10% increase from 2013. If you’ve decided to make the switch, you’re probably wondering how big of an adjustment you have in front of you. Whether your PC is for work or play, there’s no doubt you’ve grown accustomed to its specific features, functions, and general display, which makes transitioning to team Apple seem all the more challenging. But, Computer Troubleshooters is here to assure you that while each device and its OS may look and feel inherently different, there is a lot more common ground than you realize. In just a few short steps, you can learn how to switch from Windows to Mac without losing any of the functionality you love! Read more

How To Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer

In recent years, mobile phones have become the preferred way to take photographs. In fact, 85% of photographs are taken on smartphones. Industry leaders, like Apple, have taken note and have enhanced their camera on the latest models of the iPhone. Apple’s key selling point on the iPhone 11 Pro Series is the triple-system camera. With updated portrait and panorama modes, and a new night mode feature, users will be taking images unlike ever before on an iPhone. Chances are, once you start taking unparalleled pictures, it will be difficult to stop. That means that, eventually, you’ll get the bothersome notification letting you know you’re storage space is almost full. The best solution to this common problem is to learn how to transfer iPhone photos to computer. Read more

How to Free Up Space in iCloud

If you own an iPhone, iPad or any Apple device, you’re familiar with the notification “iCloud Storage Is Full.” Instead of clicking the Upgrade Storage or Cancel button, follow these steps to free up space in iCloud to stop receiving those pesky notifications. Read more

How to Maximise Cyber Security for Your Business

2016 saw the largest data breach in history. According to IdentityForce.com, Yahoo discovered a breach from 2013 that may have put as many as one billion Yahoo accounts at risk. With such big league companies falling victim to cyber security attacks, how do you begin protecting yourself? Though security software is always growing stronger and more protective, hackers are developing new strategies at a rapid pace, too. The best way to avoid a security breach is to plan ahead, and these tips for cyber security for your business are a great way to start building up your defence. Read more

Cryptolocker Removal

The Cryptolocker family of ransomware viruses and look-alikes (CTB Locker, Cryptowall, Torrent Locker, Locker, Locky etc.) are now well known as one of the major causes of data corruption and data loss across the world. Cryptolocker doesn’t discriminate, from the single user to the largest corporate network, it can invade and lock down all data inside the network. Once your data is encrypted you are in big trouble! Data retrieval & Cryptolocker removal is a big deal. Read more

What is your computer doing during YOUR holiday?

Your computer provides you with a lot of assistance in planning holidays and other trips throughout the year. Remember the hours you spent on various websites looking for the perfect holiday destination? How about all of the online comparison shopping you did to find the ideal Hawaiian resort? Remember that awesome discount deal you scored on those air tickets? How could you have planned your summer trip without your computer? Read more

7 Reasons Your Small Business Must Have a Back Up Solution!

It is 2014, and we all know that every business should have a backup (and a recovery plan) for their most critical data.  The reality is that over 40% of Small and Medium Sized Business do not back up their data at all, and that 60% of backups fail when tested! Read more

What is Business Technology Support?

Business technology support can generally be described as a range of services that deliver assistance to users of technology products such as computers, software and mobile devices within an office setting. Read more

How Outsourced IT Support can Enhance Your Business

Do you have an IT professional handling the technology in your business, or are you thinking about moving into an outsourced IT services model as so many small businesses owners are?  According to a survey completed by CompTIA 62% of the organizations surveyed planned to make greater investments in Outsourced IT Services (managed services) over the next two years. Read more