5 Things to Keep In Mind When Upgrading Your Computer!

Are you thinking about upgrading your computer and equipment for your business or home, but don’t really know the where to start. There are a variety of options when start your search.

  • Desktop or maybe Laptop?
  • How much RAM do I need?
  • What is be RAM?
  • Should I go PC or MAC?
  • How much should I spend?

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Do You Have a Reliable and Tested Backup System in Place?

Imagine that you are working on some critical financial data at the office or perhaps sorting through family photographs on your computer at home. What would you do if the computer containing all of your business and/or personal information crashed and your entire “digital life” suddenly vanished? What would you do if your computer was lost in a fire, destroyed in a flood or stolen at the airport? Do these scenarios put you into an automatic panic thinking about your data? At least the information can be recovered because you have a reliable and tested backup solution in place. Right? Read more

Protect Yourself from Becoming the Victim of a Business Techincal Support Phone Scam

Most businesses and consumers alike are always on alert for cybercriminal scams that arrive via e-mail. When you receive an e-mail announcing that you have won the lottery or that your bank needs to verify your PIN code, you probably delete the message without a second thought. Everyone knows it’s a scam.  But what do you do when you receive a personal phone call from Microsoft’s tech support department letting you know that your computer is infected with a virus? Read more

Why Outsourced IT Support May be Right for You and Your Business

Many companies are beginning to utilize Outsourced IT Support, but the fact of the matter is not many people know what it is and how it can benefit their company.  We have leaned on one of our franchise owners to help us uncover some the questions that surround the concept of Outsourced IT Support and why your company may want to consider this option. Read more

How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Your Business

More than ever, business owners need to squeeze even more productivity out of limited time, staffing and resources. Many small businesses see cloud computing as a way to access advanced technologies that were previously affordable only for larger companies. A recent survey conducted by CompTIA, a nonprofit IT industry trade association, stated that more than half of micro businesses (one to nine employees) and small businesses (ten to ninety-nine employees) use cloud-based business productivity applications. Read more

Life Without your Computer

Many people wait to service their computer until that fateful day when it crashes and then they suffer the consequences. However, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of some common problems occurring, or address minor errors before they turn into major outages or data loss. Many great professional options exist for ensuring that your computer is maintained, protected and monitored.  But why would you pay for that? How reliant are you on technology anyway? Read more

Top 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your New Windows Computer

If you just got a new Windows computer your luck just got a whole lot greater. With the right information you can assure that your new windows computer is perfect for you. Here are five things you might have not known about your new windows computer: Read more

How to Keep Your Computer Clean

Keeping your computer clean is an act that many see quick to overlook. But you shouldn’t! Much of your computer’s life expectancy depends on how clean you’re able to keep your computer. Dust can be extremely problematic to the motherboard of many computers, so how does one keep their computer clean? Read more