Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Computer Service Company

They help to fix your computers, they help to organize your files, but how much do you really know about Computer Troubleshooters?

Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Computer Service Company:

  1. Chip Reaves opened “CHIPTECH Computer Services” in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989.  Over the next 8 years CHIPTECH became a leader in on-site small business computer services in the Atlanta area.
  2. The first Computer Troubleshooters franchises open in New South Wales, Australia in 1997.
  3. Computer Troubleshooters of Manhattan opened their offices in the World Trade Center in August 2001– less than a month before the attacks on September 11. (No Computer Troubleshooters were in the building that morning).
  4. Computer Troubleshooters became the first franchise to recognize the potential for VoiP telephony systems, partnering with industry leader Fonalty in 2004.
  5. chooses the top 300 franchises for it’s “AllStar” list each year. According to their website the list is handpicked by a team, and out of over 800 franchises analyzed, 300 are given the “AllStar” designation.  Computer Troubleshooters is honored to be #285 in the 2010 list of AllStar Franchises.

Looking for more information about your favorite Computer Troubleshooters franchise? Check out  more here at!

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