Keeping Your IT Team as Happy as Can Be

IT professionals are essentially on call at all times. A system-wide catastrophe can occur any time of the day or night, and these professionals are ready to get your network back up and on its feet again. Additionally, IT professionals work around the clock to ensure that these types of problems are taken care of before they turn into potential disasters. Show your IT team you appreciate what they do, and you’ll have find you’ll have a greater ability to increase both efficiency and productivity at a company level.

Software as a Service

Computer TroubleOne very popular facet of technology being adopted in a wide variety of different industries is “software as a service,” or SaaS, according to SaaS allows you to subscribe to various types of products and services that are available from the Internet, as opposed to the traditional model of installing something on a computer’s hard drive. Software as a service implementations are easy to set up and even easier to maintain, which allows your IT team to have a well-deserved break from calamities they face on a daily basis.

The benefits also extend far past the IT team. Because business and enterprise applications are stored in the cloud instead of locally on a hard drive, employees can work from any computer with an Internet connection. Just because an employee is out sick or on vacation doesn’t mean that person won’t be able to do some work at the same time thanks to software as a service implementation.

Blackberry’s MDM

Another key technology that is helping make IT professionals happy all over the country is Blackberry’s MDM, or Mobile Device Management. The Blackberry MDM architecture helps IT professionals and even the business as a whole keep all mobile devicesinterconnected and secure. The service allows enterprises to manage mobile devices of all types including those running the Blackberry OS as well as Android and iOS platforms. Both corporate and personal devices can be managed from a single interface that offers a full range of security needs.

IT professionals will have a wide variety of different options with regards to how to both maintain an existing architecture and fix issues that may arise, and your employees in general will have greater freedom to collaborate and increase productivity on their own terms.

Enterprise App Stores

The IT team is traditionally responsible for the purchase and configuration of all types of enterprise and business-related software. Thanks to recent developments in the concept of enterprise app stores, getting the software you need installed and configured as quickly as possible has never been easier. Think about how easy it is to download an app onto your smart phone — you just open up the built-in app store, select the software you want and it is available for use a few seconds later. Enterprise app stores function in the same basic way but offer the wide-ranging software you need to efficiently complete business on a daily basis.

By embracing new technology that makes the lives of your IT professionals easier, they in turn will have an easier time setting up and maintaining the complex infrastructure required for your business to function. Embracing certain aspects like cloud computing is also a great way to pass those benefits onto general employees and increase productivity and lower operational costs at the same time.

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