IT Support for your Small Business

There are over 23 million small business owners in the United States who are competing with larger companies each and every day. One of the only ways a small business can stay competitive is through the strategic use of technology. Most small business owners see technology as the tool to use when it comes to boosting productivity, connecting with customers and cutting operating costs. Beyond that point, the specifics might be a little less clear.

technology planAs a business owner, do you know if your business is running a current operating system? Will the end of Windows XP affect your business’ compliance status? Is your network secure against cybercriminals? Is your backup system tested and reliable?

Smart business owners know that their “real job” is managing the business, not keeping their computer system functioning smoothly. For a small business to stay competitive, outsourced IT support could be one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make. We recommend the following:

  • Cloud Services includes reliable data storage and backup systems plus access to a variety of software programs. Currently, 61% of all small businesses are using some form of Cloud-based services. Information that is stored on the Cloud provides access to users anywhere and anytime. Cloud services can liberate your employees from their desks and this increased mobility can lead to enhanced profitability. Is your business taking advantage of the many services that are available via the Cloud?
  • Security is becoming an increasingly important issue for businesses everywhere as fraud, viruses and cyber-crime continues to expand their reach. In 2013, cyber-attacks on small business had increased by 18% over a two year period. Of the businesses that were attacked, over 60% closed their doors within six months. Lack of security can led to hacker theft of critical business data, customer information, credit card numbers, passwords and confidential financial records. Also, we will remind you once again that Windows XP ends its lifecycle on April 8, 2014. If you have not upgraded from XP by “Zero Day”, your business can be at serious risk for the latest wave of cyber-attacks. Is your business safe?
  • Managed Services can give your business an IT professional for a fixed monthly fee that creates predictable costs. An outsourced IT professional can be responsible for specifics tasks such as help desk support and network management or can handle the complex management of your business’ entire IT infrastructure. From small IT projects to large responsibilities, contracting with an IT professional makes sense in terms of managing costs while having access to the latest technology and skills. Are you making the most informed decisions about your business’ technology solutions?