Industry News: What’s New in IT

Looking for the latest in industry news? Be sure to check out this regular feature that will highlight the latest happenings in IT and computer industries.

Diagnosing Computer Problems Not Always Easy;
Here’s a great overview of how others go about diagnosing their client’s computer problems.

Reading Our Minds: Scientists Create Computer Controlled by the Power of Thought; Mail Online
A computer controlled by the power of thought has been created by scientists in a breakthrough that could one day help people unable to speak or move. In tests volunteers were able to move a cursor on a screen simply by ‘saying’ words in their heads.

WordPress Upgrades Security with 3.11 Release; Mashable
WordPress 3.1.1 might not bring any new functionality to the popular content management tool, but it does fix a number of bugs and potential security issues.

Government’s Top 10 IT Security Certifications; Bank Info Security
IT security certifications in areas such as network security and cyber defense support professionals in getting a job, according to a joint study of more than 1,600 security-cleared technology professionals by and, the IT job site.

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