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Published on: February, 1st 2016


Computer Troubleshooters, the worldwide global franchise specialising in all technology needs and computer service for small business, home business users, and residential users, has launched a new franchise in the City of Manchester.

Computer Troubleshooters, known as the IT Department for Small Business, is much more than computer repairs. They are a leader in Managed Service Plans and can handle all technology needs for small business and the home user.

Having a background in the Software development industry Thomas George has decided to bring this vast experience to the small businesses of West Manchester.

Thomas launches his Computer Troubleshooters UK franchise in January. Although his company provides a full range of computer services his main emphasis will be to offer small businesses the benefits and solutions of managed services which, until recently have only been generally available in the corporate world.

With the move away from the outdated Break/Fix model of traditional computer service companies, Computer Troubleshooters has recognised the need for a more proactive role in the management of a company’s computer network. They have introduced BEST (Business Enhanced Support Technology) which includes the worlds first “No Down Time Guarantee” and HOST (Home Office Support Technology) service plans, based on the managed services concept.

Thomas is enthusiastic about the value these plans will provide to companies in his area, and comments “Many clients will need to get rid of their dependence on the out dated break-fix model”. In the past both parties objectives were opposed, in so much as the client’s were hoping their computers would not break down and the service companies were dependent on it. Whereas with the BEST and HOST service plans both parties objectives converge, it is in their common interest that the computer systems do not break down.

Customers will like the added insight and control on items such as equipment service and maintenance costs, but still need to get used to the idea that Thomas is offering them a managed services solution rather than a product in a box.

“It’s hard for Thomas to explain to clients who pay him when things break that from now on his efforts will be concentrated on keeping their equipment operational, as opposed to responding when it breaks” said Iain Mcleod , National Director of Computer Troubleshooters UK.

Offering managed services provide customers with assistance in monitoring equipment, application performance and maintenance and the ability to develop best practices to reduce ownership and operation costs. The so-called “break-fix” model focuses on selling products and time.

“I believe focusing on our BEST (Business Enhanced Support Technology) and HOST (Home Office Support Technology) service plans enables me to provide my customers with more value and it appeals to my sense of being an honest businessman,” said Thomas.

What attracted Thomas to Computer Troubleshooters?
“After spending many years working for other people around the world, I wanted the opportunity to work for myself and viewed the franchise route as probably the best way of achieving that. I compared and researched a number of different franchises and Computer Troubleshooters stood out as the one franchise that was aligned to my existing skillset whilst providing me with the technical challenges that I thrive on within a career.”


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About Computer Troubleshooters. Computer Troubleshooters provides a full range of computer and technology solutions to small-business owners and private home users. Computer Troubleshooters specialists are fully trained and are experts at pinpointing a broad range of computer and technology challenges.
Launched in 1999, Computer Troubleshooters now has more than 250 franchises worldwide, including 19 in the UK and the remainder spanning 22 countries, including USA, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.