The Security Software Your Computer Needs

It is a no-brainer that your work and home computers, as well as your personal laptop, needs more than just an antivirus program in place. Eset Security is an essential tool to help keep your information protected, your devices safe from hackers, and your system’s software up-to-date. That’s why Computer Troubleshooters recommends ESET Security.

4 Reasons to Use ESET Security.

  1. Making the Internet safer for you to enjoy.

Eset provides you with proactive protection with its advanced memory scanner and cloud-powered scanning. You and your staff can work with confidence as this software checks web pages before moving forward and warns you if it detects anything questionable.

  1. Keep your Private Data safe from Identity theft.

With a personal firewall, banking and payment protection combined with Anti-phishing you know your passwords and credit card information are safe. You have the ability to make online business or personal transactions and not worry about your data being in danger. The same goes for any valuable documents or other relevant information stored on your computer.

  1. Enjoy the Full Power of Your Computer.

Leaving more power to the programs you use daily, Eset Security lets you play, work and browse the internet because the small system footprint maintains high performance. Eset’s portable computer support will enable you to stay unplugged and online longer.

  1. Anti-Theft – Stay safer by tracking and locating your missing laptop.

Protect your laptop in case it gets lost or stolen, increase the chances of its retrieval. Create a account to enable protection of your device should it go missing. Location Tracking lets you mark a device as missing via the ESET Anti-Theft web interface at and if the device comes online display its position on a map based on WiFi networks in range.

Why Eset Security? It was listed as a top solution by, an independent testing organization that listed this product as a top solution in the industry. At Computer Troubleshooters, we are positive we can assist you with all of your business and residential antivirus services and any computer repair needs you may have.  Contact Computer Troubleshooters today to ask about how Eset Security can benefit your business.

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