5 Cloud Invoicing Solutions for Small Businesses

With over 27 million small businesses in the U.S., according to media company Get Busy, it’s no wonder there is a substantial need for online invoicing tools. Managing the company finances is one the most challenging parts of maintaining a business. Technology opens the doors for online applications that help companies grow by reducing operating expenses. Consider five gadgets that produce invoices from the cloud.

1. Curdbee

Cloud invoicing solutionsCurdbee is billing software as a service. Developed by Vesess PVT. LTD. and Ruby on the Rails, this plan works in conjunction with PayPal or Google Checkout. It does more than just create invoices, however. With Curdbee, companies can track their cash spending, manage a business credit card, develop estimates and set up recurring notices.

With the free plan, you send an unlimited number of invoices and track financial data. Opting for a paid service – $5 to $20 a month – removes the watermark, allows you to include a company logo and increases the features such as sending receipts to acknowledge payments, explains the company website.

2. Invoice Machine

The Invoice Machine is simple to use, but costs a little more for companies that do a high volume of billing. For a freelancer or small office with very limited invoicing needs, it is a practical choice. One thing that stands out with Invoice Machine is the ability to send invoices a variety of ways. You can save PDF formats, print invoices to go by mail or create them for email. It also integrates with mainstream payment platforms such as PayPal or Authorize.Net.

Free plans allow you to send only 3 invoices a month. For a $12 monthly fee, that number jumps to 30. Companies pay just $24 to send up to 300 invoices each month.

3. Invoicera

This is the place to go for customization. Many of the low-cost services include the application brand. With this tool, you have more flexibility when it comes to design. The company markets its product as a more personalized and effective invoicing solution. Features include customized receipts, local bank interactions and unlimited invoicing.

This service may offer more versatility, but you pay for it. Plans start at $19.95 a month and go up to just under $100 for volume clients and enhanced features.

4. Ronin

Ronin is another billing service that does a little bit of everything. An office can use this cloud product to invoice, time track, create estimates and manage their client database. The service allows for multiple currencies for international work and creates recurring bills.

Ronin offers potential customers a free, limited trial to see how the program works. There is no time restriction, but they only allow one user to bill just two clients. Paid platforms open up the opportunities and start at $15 a month.

5. PayPal

If PayPal is your payment system of choice, there is no reason to look any further. PayPal offers invoicing as part of their service. These invoices come with your company logo, pull up data from a contact list and work even when the customer that doesn’t have a PayPal account. This is a simple and free option for a company with a tight budget.