What is Mobile Device Management?

How Can It Impact My Business?

Many questions arise when it comes to mobile device management. What happens if an employee loses their device or leaves the company? Is your company’s information safe, secure and backed up? Can employees work from anywhere at any time using this service? According to www.webopedia.com, mobile device management is a type of security software used to monitor, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices that are utilised across multiple mobile service providers and operating systems. With mobile device management there are so many opportunities to take your business to the next level. You have the ability to oversee company-issued devices and control how devices are used within your office. Take a look at the benefits of mobile device management and the reasons why your company needs it now.

5 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

1.      Automatic Deletion

With mobile device management you can protect against stolen or lost devices and former employees with company information on their personal mobile devices.  You have the capacity to quickly and easily erase confidential information from any device.

2.      Controlled Updates

Having up-to-date systems is vital to the success of your company. With mobile device management these updates can be centrally controlled and audited, protecting your data and devices.

3.      Cost Savings

If your company chooses to permit employees to use their own devices you could see decent savings. Typically, employers are sceptical about people using their personal phones to access certain data because the device is not owned by the company. Though activity must still be monitored, this is an excellent way to save some money by not having to provide devices. Plus, employees feel more comfortable using their own.

4.      Enhanced Security

Assure that your employees are taking the same security steps you are on their personal and company devices by coordinating security provisions. That means things like password regulations, access limitations, and identity management will all have to go through procedural protocols to keep your business safe.

5.      Geofencing

Rest assured knowing that you can regulate and take control of what your employees can and cannot do on their devices while on the clock. By having the capability to monitor all activity, you are connected and can guarantee the safety and well-being of your device at all times.

You can be confident in knowing that a Computer Troubleshooters expert can help you retrieve control of the mobile devices in your company! Provide your business with the flexibility of mobile device management. When you take advantage of these features, you can increase productivity in your organisation without compromising the safety of your business. To find out more about this service and how it can benefit your business contact us today!