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Cyber Security

Data & Network Security Solutions

New viruses, spyware and malware threats are emerging daily, so we work to make sure your network and systems are secure, whether at home or in the office.

With so many new viruses and internet scams emerging everyday, many are disguised in emails, or on websites (many of which the owners are totally unaware of) or hidden within links. The most vicious of these viruses will try to access personal or business information, others that are more of a nuisance that install unnecessary toolbars or install a pop-up service.

Either way these viruses still need to be detected and removed from your computer before they become more of a bigger issue for the business. We work with all of our clients to help them to better understand IT security services and how they can proactively educate their families and employees about online safety.

We are able to implement products and services seamlessly, and many of our solutions will run automatically in the background working hard to keep you safe online.

Business Solutions

For You

You can forget the days of receiving erratic and unpredictable bills for IT services.

You can say goodbye to attempting to fix something yourself because you think it will be cheaper and faster.

Adios to the days of dealing and negotiating with technology vendors that are trying to oversell your products you don’t really need.

You will no longer have to worry about being bounced from vendor to vendor when you have a problem.

Take Control & Make Sure Your Business is Protected

We provide many IT security services, including:

  • Proactive virus and spyware monitoring
  • Network Security
  • Removal of viruses, spyware and malware
  • Educational information to help keep your family and employees safe online
  • Customised solutions that fit your business
  • Access to industry-leading products
  • CCTV Cameras for Business or Home

We also have specific security software that will help protect your network from cyber threats and alert us should any potential threat be detected, we can block Internet access to certain website categories such as gambling, pornography, file sharing sites etc. We also protect your inbound/outbound internet connection to ensure this has not been diverted elsewhere.

From a GDPR aspect, these are great to provide evidence that you are taking all precautions to ensure the security of your data protection responsibilities as well as protecting your network and business.

We know that you have plenty of other things to worry about, so let us worry about making sure your technology is secure and safe from all potential threats.

Business Solutions

For You

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