New Bandage Technology without Scarring

It seems that technology is expanding into bandages that help reduce scarring using the power of nature!

It always amazes me that a lot of our more simple modern inspirations can be found in nature and this is a good example of one of this.

Taking inspiration from the fragile skin of animal embryos which can heal itself without leftover scars, the new dressing uses a simple process.

The bandages use a heat-activated hydrogel that doesn’t actually contracts and pulls the edges of the wound together. It’s designed to begin working at temperatures of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that it is activated by body heat alone, slowly shrinking and holding the edges of the wound in place to promote healing.

The contraction of the bandage also helps secure it to the skin with greater strength than a standard adhesive bandage. To combat infection, silver nanoparticles are scattered throughout the dressing, naturally destroying microbes and protecting the skin as it heals.
“The AAD bonded to pig skin with over ten times the adhesive force of a Band-Aid® and prevented bacteria from growing, so this technology is already significantly better than most commonly used wound protection products, even before considering its wound-closing properties,” Benjamin Freedman, Ph.D., leader of the work, said in a statement.

The team still has some work to do before the new bandage technology could be commercialized, but they intend to conduct additional tests and studies and eventually bring it to market.

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