RealSense Facial Recognition from Intel

Intel claim that their RealSense depth sensing camera combined with a neural network to develop a facial recognition system, this can enable access to the likes of smart locks and ATMs with only a glance.

This is similar to Apple’s Face ID, RealSense ID scans the contours of your face. The system adapts to users’ faces over time, Intel claims, as it can account for changes to facial hair and whether someone is wearing glasses, work in a variety of lighting conditions with authentication taking place in less than a second, it reliably works with “every skin tone and shade”.

Intel says that privacy was a priority as it was developing RealSense ID. All of the processing takes place locally and the system is only activated when prompted by a user. It’s said to have measures to prevent false access attempts using masks, photos or videos, with a one-in-a-million chance of the system incorrectly granting entry to a spoofing attack. Intel also claims that user data is encrypted.

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