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Have you been hacked?

Getting hacked these days is more a question of “when” rather than “if” these days. These details are then commonly shared or sold on various Dark Web forums. Microsoft’s “hacked” app will detect if any of your email addresses are detected in these databases and let you know immediately. The app uses the industry-trusted Troy Hunt’s […]

Security & Privacy Apps for Your Mobile Devices

Malware, Trojans, bots and other online threats have been growing in number over the years. With the rapid take up of smart phones and tablets the problems haven’t wasted time moving to this platform. Beyond just setting the internal security options of your device, you should be using a few apps that further increase how well […]

Good Windows Habits To Have

A computer is a lot like a car, in that to get the best out of it you need to maintain it properly. You do not need to be a mechanic or expert to get the best life out your car. Similarly there are some simple checks and tweaks to get the best life out your […]

Amazon Fire Sideloading

The Amazon Fire is a decent sub £100 tablet for many. But it’s limited by the Amazon Store. A lot of users have bricked their Fire tablet (and warranty) trying to root it. But this is unnecessary as apps can be easily sideloaded onto the device.   First enable developer options on your Fire. Settings > […]

PDF repair and viewing

Files can get corrupted easily when transmitted online. PDF is among the most popular file formats. So has a lot of redundancy to enable restoring and extracting of data in worst case scenarios’ Adobe’s PDF reader tries to do a recovery when it cannot read the PDF. However you can also use Foxit, Okular and […]

Android Phone Malware Removal

Computers and mobiles are always susceptible to malware and virus attacks.  However it’s not always necessary to wipe and start again. You can use AV scanners like ESET to help prevent infections in the first place. But you can also set your device into safe mode to check what apps might be culprits – and uninstall […]

System Restore Fixes

Windows System Restore can be a lifesaver at times. whether it’s a dodgy driver or a file accidentally deleted.   However, three common issues that we get a lot of calls about, can be easily resolved: System restore not scheduling properly. Download this utility called Restore Point Creator. Unpack and run to see all your […]

Firefox Portable

Firefox is a great browser and also very popular. Unfortunately it also has a habit of occasionally messing up the user profile and causing problems. You can reset your profile under Help > Troubleshooting Information. However, If you’re keen on keeping things unchanged. Then you could instead use a portable version of Firefox from Portable […]

Detect Hidden Cameras

Hidden camera’s can be a nuisance or necessary security measure depending on your view. However, there is no law against being aware of them. Rather than buy an RF detector, you can use an Android phone and a couple of apps instead The first app is the aptly named Hidden Camera Detector. It works by detecting […]