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Facebook reactions

Remember when we all used to dream of having a dislike button so we could show our disapproval on obnoxious posts without actually using any words? Well we still don’t have that dislike button. However, we have something even better! Facebook introduced an updated version of the ‘Like’ button this Wednesday. They added five new reactions which you can use to respond to posts! You can access these reactions by either hovering over (on your desktop) or by long-pressing (on Facebook’s mobile app) the ‘Like’ button. Sadly, Facebook has limited us to only using one sentiment to react per post. That’s one more important decision we’re going to have to make on a daily basis! You can, however, change your reaction or tap it again to make it go away.

BlackBerry acquires cyber security firm.

Blackberry closed a deal with Encription this Friday and successfully acquired the consultancy company. This moves BlackBerry even deeper into the services business. BlackBerry has decided to become more software-focused as interest in their phones has declined over the past couple of years.

This deal will add 40 cyber security professionals to BlackBerry’s team. Furthermore, BlackBerry will gain the opportunity to cross-sell some of their own security products. BlackBerry claims that the consulting services and tools gained from this acquisition will help clients identify cyber security threats and develop IT strategies to strengthen defenses.

Adobe Launches App Creation Tool for Marketers

Adobe has announced the launch of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile  (EMM) on its Marketing Cloud. This software has been developed with the intention of simplifying the creation and management of apps.

EMM will combine and expand upon functions found in the company’s Experience Manager Apps (EMA) and Digital Publishing Solution (DPS). Both of the aforementioned programs are being retired and DPS will be available for customers as an on-demand service.

Fight for your name.

The online market is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more businesses emerge and try to take over the market. Applying an aggressive marketing tactic Third Stone Co., a China-based owner of mobile market app 5miles, has filed a lawsuit against Close5, which is owned by EBay. Third Stone argues that the name and logo for Close5 is “confusingly similar”.

3D printed Vertebrae- first of its kind.

Ralph Mobbs, an Australian neurosurgeon, has managed to surgically implant 3D printed vertebrae in a bid to save his patients life. Infected by a rare form of cancer, the patient needed to have two vertebrae, responsible for turning the head, to be replaced. Dr. Mobbs worked with a company called Anatomics to design and manufacture the implants made from titanium. The company also printed anatomical models of the patients head for Dr. Mobbs to practice on.