Time to Consider Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing services can be economical and time saving; by utilising specialist outsourced help, you could in the long term save you and your business a lot of heartache. A number of businesses admit that trying to do everything has hindered their growth path.

Concentrating on your business and what you want to achieve is the important factor. That’s what will ultimately be your profit. Spending time on IT, HR, accounting, health & safety, social media and legal services can in the long-run be detrimental – unless of course that’s the business you are in!  What is run of the mill for the expert can be time consuming on research and implementation, and may still not provide you with all the necessary information and skills required.  Is this time not better spent developing your business, expanding your own market and increasing profits?  Stress-Outsource-Blog

More and more SME’s are turning to outsourcing to help manage their services. New start-ups can have budget restrictions which make it necessary to oversee all areas. However, as growth occurs, looking to outsource areas is ultimately the way to grow.  Surrounding yourself with industry experts for help and advice can be priceless. Ultimately, these people will provide a great service as their reputation relies on it.

So next time you’re scouring the internet for PC troubleshooting or for the latest HR laws, stop and do a cost analysis of the time you spend doing this against the time lost developing your business.

Contact Computer Troubleshooters (N Mcr) to discuss our Proactive Managed IT and Business Solutions. www.ctsmanchester.co.uk

How Clean is Your PC ?

How Clean is Your PC ?

It’s amazing how many people just ‘forget’ to clean their PC.   Keyboards can be a virtual playground for bacteria and germs. As winter is now approaching, and we are all fighting to keep the winter germs at bay, take a moment to consider when you last cleaned your PC.

Your computer handles your business’ most important assets: accounting, financial records, communications and client information. You owe it to your business to make computer updates and cleanliness a priority.      Technology-Pic-3png

Keeping the outside of your computer sparkling clean isn’t just for visual appeal. Computers generate static electricity that attracts dust that can eventually clog fans and other components. Routine cleaning is important because it can keep the machine from overheating and destroying the hard drive and other components. Please use the following recommendations for cleaning the external surfaces of your computer.

Supplies Required: – Can of compressed air – Q-tips – Microfiber cloth – Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and distilled water – Phillips-tip and flat-tip screwdrivers


Step 1: Turn off your computer and completely unplug all power sources. If you have a tower, unplug it. If you have a laptop, remove the battery.

Step 2: Open your computer by removing screws or use the sliding panel. Clean the vent by spraying compressed air to blow dust, crumbs and hair from the vent system. Keep the spray nozzle a few inches away from the components and always spray in short bursts. Don’t shake the computer to dislodge dust, you can loosen delicate parts. Consult the computer manual or check online if you need more specific instructions.

Step 3: Use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to carefully clean all seams. Clean the keyboard by using compressed air. Aim nozzle into the cracks to flush out crumbs and debris. Never use a vacuum device – this can create a static charge that can damage your computer. Use distilled water on a microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen. Never spray liquids directly onto the screen. Allow everything to dry before plugging the computer in, and then reattach any peripherals. This external cleaning regimen is recommended every few months unless your environment is more prone to dirt and dust. Businesses such as a salon or a manufacturing company probably require more frequent cleaning.


If you feel unsure about carrying this out yourself give us a call.   0161 798 4336.


Dropbox User Accounts Stolen

Danny Palmer writes in Computing UK  (14/10/14) that a hacker group has stolen 7 million dropbox accounts & passwords and has published hundreds of these. It’s time to change your account passwords and information. More importantly it might be time to look at more secure  means of sharing information across cloud.

data-security-hacker-password-securitAt Computer Troubleshooters we use Soonr which offers a more secure way of storing and accessing your data across the Cloud spectrum.

Three basic things Soonr can offer than dropbox can’t …

Here are some highlights that Soonr offer that dropbox doesn’t

  • Soonr guarantee’s data integrity and availability.
  • Soonr provides complete control over data access.
  • Soonr can share larger data files more effectively.

Contact Computer Troubleshooters and find out how we can give you peace of mind and security of the data you share.  Don’t compromise your business and it’s security.

Made in Bury Awards

We are over the moon to be short-listed for the Made in Bury Business 2014 Awards category ‘Technology’.  We’ve had an amazing year and the future for us is looking more and more exciting.  We are currently interviewing for an IT apprentice and growing the business.  We are looking forward to the Awards dinner in November. Of course it would be an amazing accolade to win but for now we are just proud to be recognised in the Made in Bury Awards and to be part of The Best of Bury.



Is It Time to Bid Adieu to Passwords?

Emily McCormick’s very interesting article of 3rd October 2014 comments that the days of remembering passwords could be a thing of the past, with biometrics taking its place. Technology more likely to be found in Sci-fi movies is a real possibility. New uses for biological markers may offer consumers a safer, faster and easier way to make purchases and access accounts.

photo-biometrics-eye Click photo to go to full article

Original article by By: Emily McCormick


CT Bear

Computer Troubleshooters (N Mcr) Ltd are pleased to be part of The Best of Bury. Since joining in July this year our network of local companies has expanded, along with our list of friends.   We have been dipping our toes in the marketing world and have pleasure in introducing CT Bear.    Our Company bear ‘CT’ has been visiting local companies who are taking photos and ensuring that CT has a great time.  He’s been for non-invasive lipo-suction with Sound Physique in Bury and had a trip to London with Heather from AFG Law.   There is currently a waiting list to take CT Bear on his travels.  Interested ? Get in touch



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