HD CCTV with CT Business Solutions

Home and Office HD CCTV with CT Business Solutions

CT Business Solutions are now able to offer you even more security for your business / home in the form of HD CCTV. We have linked with WatchBot and are now able to market and promote this amazing home and small office security system.   With its cost effectiveness and incredible features it’s going to become an invaluable part of your security procedures. But it also offers so much more!

These devices are portable and easy to install, use and maintain. Watch live video stream of your home or office from your PC, Mac, Laptop or Mobile Device.

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               Value for Money

In the past CCTV security has been expensive to purchase and implement; with high installation costs and monthly on-going running costs for maintenance and monitoring. WatchBot offers a multitude of features to allow you the peace of mind with home HD CCTV monitoring for a fraction of the cost, and no on-going fees.

Home/Business Security

Unfortunately crime rates are continually on the rise. It is becoming increasingly necessary for effective security for your home or business. The WatchBot allows you to keep the security of your Home/Business literally in the palm of your hands! Have live streaming direct to your PC, Mac, laptop or mobile device. Video can be recorded either on your PC/Mac, through the onboard SD card (not supplied) or using WatchBot’s own cloud-based recording service (subscription required).


You have the peace of mind and convenience of being able to tap in to your home / office environment, whenever you need to, from wherever you are!

Easy Installation

WatchBot comes with step-by-step instructions. Installation and set-up is simple. No hard-wiring. As simple as plug and play.

Multitude of Features …   This is where WatchBot gets interesting …

The WatchBot is not just a monitoring camera. It comes with motion detectors and two-way audio so you can communicate. It also has night vision (infra-red) cameras so you can keep a watch even if the office is in darkness.

High quality picture and sound

Excellent video quality with VGA resolution at full 30 frames-per-second. It can be supported by wireless or wired connections, with no loss of sound or video on either connection model.

Up to 32 WatchBot cameras can be connected together to provide a total security surveillance solution package !  The user interface can display 9 monitors in a grid format.

So you want to watch your baby sleep, tease your pet or just be able to tap into the office to make sure all is well !  WatchBot does all this and more.

On another note, add-on features are currently under development to increase the features available. Who could resist being able to release a pet-treat at the click of a button !

Contact CT Business Solutions to discuss and for full written quotation. Tel : 0161 798 4336.    Watchbot logo

Tough Guy Challenge for Super Josh

TOUGH GUY CHALLENGE ….  So at 4.45 a.m. on a Freezing Sunday morning some amazing people roused themselves from their beds, hopped in a mini-bus to Wolverhampton to take part in the Tough Guy Challenge to raise money for the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity …  a 15 km assault course, with freezing waters, hills, electric shocks, hurdles and general torture the 11 man ‘Super Josh’ team finished and headed back to the Village Hotel in Bury for a well-deserved meat and potato pie and a few beers.

   IMG_1922           IMG_1919

Computer Troubleshooters M.D. Eric Arnott took part and as the oldest team member to participate was glad when the 4 hour ordeal was over.   Eric has completed triathlon’s, run half a marathon and done a 100 mile bike ride (to name but a few) but this was his nemesis and to quote “I won’t being doing that ever again”.    I don’t think Heather will mind but I think the photo of her badly bruised legs says it all !   OUCH

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity is a Bury-based charitable organisation that offers hope, advice, support and financial solutions to children with brain tumours and post-surgery disabilities. I think knowing what a superb charity it is helped people dig deep and find the strength to get round the course.  5,000 people took part with over 27 countries represented.  This is definitely not an event for the faint hearted.

So for competing we want to say a massive congratulations to :

Eric Arnott,  John Bakewell,  Emma Cordock, Heather Loynd, Carl Cordock, Andy Bakewell, Simon Green, Natalie Owens, Danny Gee and to Dawn Fidler (Josh’s mum) Gill Cooper and Collette Debono who travelled down to support the team and take pictures and generally raise the spirts.

And for sponsoring we thank …

Computer Troubleshooters,   Time Saving Heroes,  GDT Driving School,  AFG Law, The Village Hotel Bury, Fusion Fostering, Bakewell Carpets, Cheetham Jackson, Host Mama,  4serve and Kaleidoscope

IMG_1921            IMG_1918                  heather-bruised-legs