Are you PCI DSS Compliant?


We can offer a full support solution to help you obtain compliance in a timely and hassle free manner. Solutions for PCI DSS levels 1 – 4.

If you take credit card payments as part of your day-to-day business transactions then you are probably aware of the worldwide standard ‘Payment Card Industry’ (PCI) data security standard (DSS) requirement.

PCI compliance is a way of reassuring your clients that you are keeping their most valuable and personal information secure. As a business you are liable for your customer’s data, regardless of the person who actually processes it as part of their role with you.

PCI was set up to help businesses process card payments securely for their clients, reducing credit card payment fraud. The process takes each company through a stringent set of controls within the parameters of the storage, transmission and processing of their cardholder data.   security-pic-web

There are a number of high level security requirements which are set to ensure the maximum level of security for you and your client.

If you’re not sure or confident about setting up and maintaining a secure network and firewall configuration; using encryption to store data; how to restrict access to data; or simply you just don’t have the time to put the necessary infra-structure in place ~ then let CT Business Solutions arrange the compliance and formalities for you.

As an IT company we have the means and experience necessary to implement procedures so that you pass the PCI compliance without the stress and hassle it can cause.

Do you know what level of compliance you require? Understanding the levels of PCI can be confusing. We can take you through each step with confidence.

If you DON’T become PCI compliant and you suffer a data breach you may be liable for losses incurred, along with card scheme fines, operational costs and the loss of clients.

Passing the compliance is not just an annual occurrence, you are also liable to run quarterly compliance scans to ensure everything is still under compliance guidelines. The procedures we put in place will ensure that you are covered and comply throughout the year.

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Windows 10 Launch Date

So at last Microsoft have given the launch date for the FREE windows 10 update. Any PC or laptop owner in over 190 markets worldwide, running Windows 7 and Windows 8, will be able to choose to get Windows 10. It is a completely free upgrade but consumers will have only 1 year to take advantage !

  windows 10

Microsoft offer to continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device – again free of charge. If you want to be first in line for the free upgrade you can reserve a free copy in the next few weeks. Watch this space.

Microsoft executives state that Windows 10 is built from the ground up for a world in which mobile and cloud computing are key. Microsoft also commit to making Windows 10 friendly for the enterprise, ideal for keyboard and mouse users, but also optimised for touch. Windows 10 will put the same interface on devices with displays ranging in size from 4in to 80in. ‘One product family, one platform, one store,’ says Microsoft. It is expected from here on in you’ll see fewer big feature changes and more tuning, tweaking, stabilizing and polishing.

Windows 8 has not been a universal success, and in many eyes it has been seen as a ‘dud’. Not exactly well executed and its attempt to marry together desktop and mobile has been seen as too radical to encourage new users.

Windows 10 will also include phones and the X-box One – in an app form. Together with Cortana and a new web browser, currently known as ‘Spartan’. Spartan is to spell the end of internet explorer, but it will take time to completely disappear. At Build 2015 Microsoft confirmed it will be called ‘Edge’ and will be available for use in Firefox and Chrome extensions.  Technology-Pic-3png

It is expected that this build will be a bit more stable and polished than the last one, which is to be expected as Microsoft begin to stabilize for the public release this summer. From here on out you will see fewer big feature changes from build to build, and more tuning, tweaking, stabilizing, and polishing,”

See also: Windows 10 review and Windows 10 for phones preview.