Do you worry about your Company IT security?

Computer Security Switch Shows Laptop Internet SafetyCT Business Solutions (N Mcr) are a specialist IT Company based in Bury. We are constantly striving to enhance the security options available. So if you WORRY about any of the following questions, get in touch to discuss how CT can give you peace of mind over your Company IT network.

  1. How can I protect my network against external threats?
  2. How can I stop spyware and adware infecting PC’s?
  3. How can I monitor what is being accessed online?
  4. How can I restrict access to specific websites, and / or website categories?
  5. How can I restrict Facebook access to general staff, but allow it for the marketing and sales people?
  6. How can I set what is allowed on the desktop PC’s to be different to what can be accessed via a mobile phone?
  7. How do I protect laptops when being used out of the office?

All of the above are questions that should be being asked of your network.  We all use software, antivirus and malware removal, but these solutions only stop infections from spreading as they are removed as soon as they are seen.  What if it’s a new virus that’s never been seen?

Monitoring and restricting internet activity helps to avoid this, and helps with compliance of your Internet usage policy ~ enforcing a strong policy can also affect staff morale.  Recent studies have shown that a company with a more flexible internet usage policy has better staff retention rates.  Just because one device is restricted doesn’t mean that everything has to be. By using Cloud based security you can reduce the amount of harmful material from ever reaching your network and servers, without setting over the top internet usage policies. But everything in your network remains protected. If you have laptops in your company that are used outside of the building, then our new cloud security product will continue to protect them ~ no matter where in the world they are.

ALL THIS CAN BE AVALIABLE FOR AS LITTLE AS £3.25* per user per month.

*Initial 6 month trial price – increases to £4.50 per user per month.

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