5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Help Your Business

It would appear that everything is now being stored in that thing they call ‘The Cloud’!  Digital cloud storage of everything from Apple’s iCloud for your music and photos, to Google Drive for your documents and spreadsheets.  It has revolutionised the way business is done today.

The data that exists on Company servers is growing faster than you can store it, and is causing serious headaches for many business owners.  The internal servers become sluggish due to being overloaded by large amounts of data, which in turn causes issues when it needs to be accessed.   Sound all too familiar?

At CT Business Solutions we’ve identified five ways in which moving to Cloud storage will help your business. Helping you to streamline processes, and get back on track just by moving to an efficient digital storage platform.  So no more misplacing of important documents, issues with inefficient file sharing, or lost time waiting for large files to load!

1. Save on the Cost of Technology Infrastructure

A significant portion of a business’ day to day work is done on computers. From editing documents and spreadsheets to creating reports, files are created and modified regularly. Each time another file is saved on your server, storage space decreases. Buying and maintaining new servers to grow the size of your digital storage costs money. With cloud storage, you eliminate the need for costly internal servers. Running out of digital space no longer results in a panicked order for another server, it is a quick call to your cloud manager to ask for a storage increase.

2. Reduce Your Company’s Energy Consumption

Becoming eco-friendly is one of the top items on many organizations’ to-do lists. Internal servers draw a lot of power as they operate. If you are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious as a company, making the switch from servers to cloud storage can drastically cut down on the utility bill by saving energy.


3. Safeguard Against Data Loss

From server failures and employee mistakes to natural disasters, data loss is a major concern for companies. With the increased reliance on digital files, cloud storage can help protect your business against significant data loss. When your records and data are stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about a power failure or flood wiping out the digital lifeline of your company.

4. Data When and Where You Need It

Having access to files is one of the most important aspects of having a productive day. With internal servers, employees usually can’t access files stored on the server unless they are physically plugged into it. Cloud storage allows data to be accessed wherever you are, whether you need to open the budget spreadsheet from your hotel room or your Photoshop file from the comfort of your home office.

5. Data Stays Safe

One of the main concerns with cloud storage is security. Many incorrectly assume that cloud storage is not as secure as a physical server. Cloud storage technology has multiple security measures in place to protect your data. From file encryption to password protection, your data is safe when stored in the cloud.

If you still haven’t moved to digital cloud storage, then allow us to assess your current internal IT infrastructure and work with you to make your business more efficient and streamlined.