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Have you ever sent an email to the ‘wrong person’?

How often have you accidentally sent an email to the wrong person?  It’s so easy to do. You’re busy, and it’s urgent. It must go out immediately! You press the send button and instantly realise it’s gone to the wrong recipient, or multiple recipients.   999 times out of a 1,000 this isn’t going to be […]

GDPR Myth: You must get fresh consent from your clients to comply!

  As an IASME Certified body we are ‘all things GDPR’. Having said this I know that it has become increasingly infuriating for a lot of small companies who get bombarded with information, which isn’t necessarily correct!  So, I thought I’d do a bit of myth busting for you. GDPR Myth: You must get fresh […]

GDPR – Announcement from CT

  CT Business Solutions (N Mcr) are pleased to announce they are now fully certified to both IASME Governance Standard and Cyber Essentials; both recognised standards regarding data handling and security for business. Managing Director, Eric Arnott, states “as a provider of IT support it was imperative that we ensure that we are compliant with […]

Ransomware ~ Protect your business

WannaCry – Petya #Ransomware ~ Protect your business Action not reaction : Prevention is always better than the cure! Two very recent ransomware outbreaks “WannaCry and Petya” literally put every IT and security team around the globe into reaction mode! These new outbreaks aren’t going away and will continue to seek out vulnerabilities in business […]

How to protect yourself against cyber attacks

The continuous and relentless virus attacks are a serious threat to virtually every business. We are being bombarded with advice and it can become overwhelming. The threats are real, and should be taken seriously. You need to ensure that you’re taking a few positive steps to protect yourselves.  Long term we do advise that you […]

Ransomware: how safe are you?

Cyber security hit the headlines again this week with several high-profile victims including the NHS having their data held to ransom with a demand to pay up $300 to get the affected files decrypted.  You can learn more about this attack here. The National Cyber Security Centre is involved in the investigation of this case, […]

General Data Protection Regulations – What you need to know.

GDPR is the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ which from 25th May 2018 will affect every single organisation that collects and even handles data relating to all EU residents. The age of digital is upon us, and continues to gather pace. GDPR has been introduced to ensure that an individual’s data protection rights are regulated fully. […]

How to Maximise Cyber Security for Your Business

Cyber Security is BIG news, but many businesses are still unsure what it’s all about and the implications of a data-breach.  If that’s you then don’t bury your head in the sand. Just ask yourself “Would my business survive a data breach? Would my business survive a data breach fine”?  Probably not, and if it […]

5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Help Your Business

It would appear that everything is now being stored in that thing they call ‘The Cloud’!  Digital cloud storage of everything from Apple’s iCloud for your music and photos, to Google Drive for your documents and spreadsheets.  It has revolutionised the way business is done today. The data that exists on Company servers is growing […]