Ransomware ~ Protect your business

WannaCry – Petya #Ransomware ~ Protect your business

Action not reaction : Prevention is always better than the cure!

Two very recent ransomware outbreaks “WannaCry and Petya” literally put every IT and security team around the globe into reaction mode! These new outbreaks aren’t going away and will continue to seek out vulnerabilities in business IT security. It’s time to take action – NOW.

Petya ransomware spread its way across 65 countries in a matter of hours! WannaCry and Petya are a new breed of ransomware, allowing explosive propagation throughout organisations worldwide.  It’s imperative that businesses understand the repercussions of these attacks, and more importantly how to protect themselves.

Petya is a prolific outbreak of ransomware that attacked computer servers all across Europe, particularly in Ukraine and Russia. The ransomware spread using vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Windows; vulnerabilities that Microsoft patched in March 2017 for the Eternal Blue exploit.

It begs the question if the Microsoft giants released a patch why were so many businesses hit? Basically they ignored the windows updates / patches!  Have you ever said “I’ll sort that later”.  Later can be too late.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is viruses that locate and attack vulnerable unprotected servers. They hijack computer data, infecting and encrypting all the user’s files and displaying messages demanding a Bitcoin ransom – literally demanding a payment to get your company information returned.

Any IT savvy and business will have backups, but not necessarily recent ones (backups should run every evening!). Any business without a solid backup are faced with the decision to pay up or lose their data.

How to Protect Against Ransomware

Luckily, there are various safeguards you can take to protect yourself and your clients from Ransomware. If it all seems too time consuming, or daunting – get in touch with the team at CT Business Solutions (0161 798 4336) or email info@ctsmanchester.co.uk.  It doesn’t have to be painful, or expensive to put procedures in place to put in place great protection and procedures. The expensive bit is NOT putting protection and procedures in place.  Here are a couple of easy ways to start getting your IT security in order.

Patch, Patch, Patch

It really can be that simple. The best way to protect is to stay up to date with Windows patches.  Also by educating users about what to look out for.

Antivirus –– Antimalware

Ensure that your entire network and PC’s are covered by reputed antivirus and antimalware products.  Free options out there aren’t necessarily doing the job YOU need them to do.  The paid versions are continuously researching, updating and adding patches to security as attacks occur. If you’re unsure about the best products to use give us a call.   In recent attacks the products used on CT clients’ IT infrastructure didn’t suffer a single breach worldwide!

Educate, Educate, Educate

For a business that didn’t keep up to date with patches, if they have basic security tools in place, such as antivirus, antimalware etc. they would be protected from any damage from these attacks.  The issues arise when the internal education of employees is lacking. Just investing in these tools isn’t enough. They need to be managed and supported, and more importantly employees need to be educated fully in what to look out for.

Do you have any questions regarding Petya or other ransomware? Are you interested in learning more about how CT Business Solutions can help protect your business against future attacks?
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