Providing Solutions for ALL of your Technology Needs.

CT Business Solutions (N Mcr) can provide a full range of technology services that are bespoke to each client’s needs. We provide rapid response times when your technology is down, and provide professional proactive solutions to get the issues resolved quickly and painlessly. It doesn’t stop there, we work with our clients to ensure that they do not find themselves in similar situations in the future, implementing proactive support technology that works.

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Some of our main IT Services include:

HD CCTV for Home and Office

CT Business Solutions are now able to offer you even more security for your business / home in the form of HD CCTV. We have linked with WatchBot and are now able to market and promote this amazing home and small office security system.   With its cost effectiveness and incredible features it’s going to become an invaluable part of your security procedures. But it also offers so much more.

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Managed IT Business Solutions

We are extremely proud of our Managed IT Proactive Business Solutions. These allow you to focus on your business, while we manage your entire technology infrastructure, offering you business continuity. These plans cover proactive monitoring, backup assurance, security services, and can offer other additional features that your business needs to stay ahead of your competition.  We are offering you peace of mind, knowing that we are working behind the scenes to keep your business fully operational.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services are changing the way we do business, making solutions that were once only available to large corporations available to small businesses as well. These solutions can take your business to the next level, while keeping your budget in line.

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VoIP Telephony

Put your phone system in the Cloud.

Get phone services, meetings, fax, video conferencing and mobile apps in one great hosted VoIP solution.

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Data Backup & Recovery Services

Our nationwide resources give us access to industry-leading data backup options that provide you with the highest level of confidence that your data is safe at a price that you can afford. Making sure your data is safe needs to be a top priority.

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Security Services

Frustratingly, virus threats are emerging daily and can cause havoc. We work continually to make sure your equipment and systems are secure, whether you are at home or the office.

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Remote Support Services

Not all problems need the expense of a technician coming to visit.  Our rapid remote support allows our technology experts to troubleshoot issues, where applicable, without having to leave the office. As long as you have internet access, our experts can remotely diagnose and even repair many issues, saving both valuable time and resources.

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Mobile Device Management

Puts you back in the driving seat of your employees’ use of mobile phones and other devices within your office, whether they are provided by you or are employee-owned. If you are concerned about confidential information or employee productivity, we can work with you to manage how these devices impact your business.

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Troubleshooting & Repairs

Our experts at CT Business Solutions aim to to diagnose the problems quickly, establish an action plan to correct technology issues and get your business and it’s technology back to work with minimal downtime.

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