CT Business Solutions can offer a wireless access solution that works for you and your business.

We can provide wireless access with minimal upfront cost and no long-term contracts. It is hassle-free and all managed via the cloud. To make it even better, being cyber certified means that you also get the very best security protection. The fact that this system is ‘cloud’ based means there is no need for on-site servers, which reduces downtime and lowers cost.

This cloud-based wireless access is discreet, flexible and powerful, offering you the Wi-Fi access you require. Installation is clean and simple, with no new wires and little disruption. We can provide 100% Wi-Fi coverage throughout your premises – strong signals in each and every office. The system we offer is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

As part of our on-going monthly service package, we carry out regular system checks and monitor the system continually so that if any issues arise we can address and rectify promptly – causing the least disruption to Wi-Fi access.

Technology is changing rapidly and to ensure you get the best service, you need to be in touch with technology and its progression. This is where we become invaluable to you. It’s our job to be on top of new technology, offering and implementing upgrades as and when they become available. We don’t want to tie you into lengthy contracts; we want to tie you into our professional and committed service.     Technology-Pic-3png

Wireless access offers amazing functionality, including but not limited to:

  1. Limiting bandwidth, ensuring equally distributed connectivity
  2. Blocking users from downloading illegal music or films
  3. Prioritising certain types of internet access requirements, enabling you to keep business as a priority
  4. Balancing costs for Wi-Fi. We can, where necessary, help you generate additional revenue by fee-based access to Wi-Fi. You can allow a free amount of access and charge for premium speed. The choice is at your discretion. We will help you facilitate what works best for you and your business.
  5. Offering full access to your network via a web interface, allowing you to identify issues, abusers and bandwidth demand. Or, you can leave this to us.
  6. Resolving issues quickly without the need to call out a technician through remote access. This reduces downtime and costs.
  7. Increasing your Google presence. Want to utilise your internet access you provide to your advantage? With our wireless access service we can route this through your company website increasing your Google presence; or even through your Facebook page, generating Facebook likes and widening your Facebook marketing. This is more beneficial where you generate footfall through the business, such as a shop, hotel or service business.

Technology-Pic-5pngIn today’s world of internet and with the necessity for people to be connected at all times, the increasing demand for fantastic, high speed connectivity has never been greater.   Reliability is a must.

CT Business Solutions can offer you wireless access that will deliver the speed, connectivity and reliability any business needs in today’s technology-run world. Call us to discuss and for a full written quotation.   Office : 0161 798 4336.