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How to Stay Safe Using Public WiFi

As more consumers and businesses alike embrace the on-the-go mentality, finding a public WiFi hotspot is easier now than ever before. While there are plenty of hotspots available – about 362 millionto be exact – remember that not every hotspot is trustworthy. Be sure you’re staying safe while using public WiFiwith the following tips from […]

How to spot the phish

We’ve all received those phishing scam emails. They try to pretend they are from big, well-known companies and they try to entice you into clicking on a link. Then the criminals will try to get hold of a legitimate username and password. Or worse, they try to install malicious software on your computer, like ransomware. […]

Next time it snows – work from home

  You may have noticed – it snowed this week. Much of the UK was like this. Ice, snow and people not moving. (Notice how I managed to sneak a canal picture in!) To be honest, there were some areas (North Midlands for example) that were only briefly affected. But schools shut down, offices closed […]

5 Cyber Security Tips

Take these small steps to improve your cyber security and stay safe online.   Be Cautious When Connecting to Wi-Fi When setting the password (sometimes shown as passphrase or pre-shared key) for your home or business Wi-Fi, ensure you use a strong password to protect your network and prevent intrusions. You want to keep your Wi-Fi […]

We need to talk about your passwords again!

I thought everybody understood how important good password health is. But I was wrong. You see, people have to tell me their password sometimes. I’m trustworthy so that’s OK! I might be fixing something or setting something up when they aren’t there. I continue to be shocked at how weak some people’s passwords are. I […]

Google Drive Office Plug-in and Really Slow Excel

I use Office a lot. And I use Goole Drive a lot. Yes, don’t all shout at once! I know it’s just been rebranded to Google Backup and Sync. But not as far as Office is concerned. The plugin that Google built to simplify using Google Drive with Office applications is still called the Google […]

How Remote Support Services Can Help Your Business

How many times has an employee or coworker struggled with a computer issue that renders them unable to do their work productively? When a file takes forever to open or when the wireless keeps disconnecting, work can become nearly impossible. The way business is done these days relies heavily on technology working well and sometimes […]

Ransomware: How safe are you?

Cyber security hit the headlines yet again this week. Several high-profile victims, including the NHS, had their data held to ransom by the Wannacry malware, complete with a demand to pay $300 in bitcoins (about £230) to get the affected files decrypted.  You can learn more about this attack here.