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Beware of the spear phisher!

International Cyber Security Day is on 30th November, but just as a puppy is not just for Christmas, keeping safe online should be a quotidian event. International Cyber Security Day has been “celebrated” (if that’s the right word!) every year since 1988 when hackers started to realise the value of data held on computers.  It’s a […]

What does your signature say about you – and your business?

Handwriting may be a dying art in our technological world, but one area where a personal touch is still required is signatures.  Your signature can be very revealing if you know what to look for, although you may need to be a graphologist to unlock the secrets.  Just consider John Hancock’s large, flamboyant signature on […]

Watch out watch out there’s a Humphrey about!

In a more innocent age (the 1970s to be exact!), the TV advertisers would have us believe that the greatest threat we faced was an attack from a red and white striped straw known as a Humphrey intent upon drinking all of our milk! Humphreys probably don’t pose such a problem nowadays, but when it […]

Show your clients you care about Cyber Security

Hardly a week goes by without horror stories about hacker attacks and ransomware, and of course the impact of a data breach has been heightened with the advent of GDPR, bringing with it the threat of substantial fines if you are judged to have exposed personal data to the cyber criminals. In this climate of […]

Back to school – hope you’re not wearing the dunce’s cap

September marks the return to school, and with it a return to normal business routines after the lazy, laid-back days of Summer.  In the UK we don’t appear to have any special ceremonies to mark this rite of passage, other than perhaps the purchasing of school uniforms and the cute group photos of the new […]