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Is your diet too spam-rich?

  When you open up your email system in the morning, are you confronted with a mountain of spam?  And does that mountain steadily grow through the day? You know that phishing emails are often lurking in that spam, but have you considered the impact on productivity for your team having to wade through those […]

Father’s Day – time to appreciate your dads

  Father’s Day is this coming Sunday – what better day to celebrate the father figures in your life. My own dad is one of those clever, practical people who can help you out with wallpaper hanging and kitchen cabinet installation and can get your car back on the road after a quick check under […]

Jubilee Time Travel

  As we celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, it’s amazing to realise that we have been living in the new Elizabethan Age for 70 years.  That’s a long time for anyone to hold down the same job role! Businesses in 2022 couldn’t imagine functioning without computers and the internet, but maybe you will appreciate your […]

More than “Computer” Troubleshooters!

You surely know by now that the team of technicians at Computer Troubleshooters are dab hands at making your computers work well for your organization, but their talents do not end there. When you order a new server or networking equipment, supplying and setting up the kit is only part of the deal.  In all […]

Anyone for MFA?

As I pose the question “Anyone for MFA?”, it immediately puts me in mind of that immortal phrase from early twentieth century drawing-room comedies “Anyone for tennis?”  The best example of this I’ve found is actually a Monty Python sketch: you can watch it here. But I digress: back to my question: Anyone for MFA? […]

May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth be with you! Yes, it’s Star Wars Day, so named for the similarity of the date (4th May) to the Jedi greeting “May the Force be with you”.  The film franchise from a galaxy far, far away is particularly loved by IT geeks everywhere, and Computer Troubleshooters is not immune to its […]

What’s the point of VoIP?

  Have you heard of businesses replacing their old landline phones with VoIP?  Ever wondered what this is, and if your business may be missing out? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  In simple terms, it allows you to make phone calls over your broadband connection rather than needing an analogue (physical) landline. Computer […]

How can your business help James Bond 007?

  If you were asked to describe your business using references to the James Bond film franchise, what would you say? This was the gauntlet laid down to the members of BNI Sevenoaks this week, and the members rose to the occasion with inventiveness which did not disappoint. Some of the highlights: Miss Moneypenny aka […]

A simple cyber security solution

It’s always good to hear that your IT solutions have solved a technology issue, so we are chuffed that Glenn from Next Step Mortgages took time out to write a testimonial in praise of our password management recommendation. It’s a simple but elegant solution which goes a long way to improving cyber security.  Happy to […]

The one thing you must keep for Lent

  Have you given up something for Lent? Even if you are not a churchgoer, this can be a good period of time to forego a pleasure, however essential it may seem – chocolate, cakes, alcohol, coffee! Lent is the annual season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter in the Christian religion.  There […]

Do you trust yourself not to click?

  You hopefully know by now that not all emails are what they seem, and it pays to stay alert and think a moment before you charge into that message that has just landed in your inbox. With the Ukraine situation, the National Cyber Security Centre have warned that you should be on the lookout […]

Are you enjoying a Safer Internet Day?

  Surely every day should be a safer internet day – it’s not just for Christmas! – but Tuesday 8th February has been designated a specific Safer Internet Day.  An ideal time, then to think about your cyber security practices and protect your business. So, what can you do? Add protection software, not just antivirus, […]

A rethink on Microsoft billing

  Do you use Microsoft 365 for your emails and Office software? A lot of businesses do, and the way they are paying for their subscriptions is about to be shaken up.  Microsoft has decided that it is high time for a price rise, but they also want to encourage companies to switch over to […]

What do Christmas movies teach us about Cybersecurity?

  Here we are again, putting the final touches to our Christmas preparations and making sure our clients are safely tucked up ready for the holidays.  It is not just Santa who has a checklist to ensure the festivities run smoothly! Even though your focus has shifted from work to celebrations, remember that hackers do […]

What’s the worst that could happen?

  When you are weighing up the possible outcomes of making a choice, it can be a good idea to ask yourself: What’s the worst that could happen?  If you remember the Dr Pepper adverts which posed this very question, the answer often proved to be, well, pretty catastrophic. What approach does your business take […]

Smile – you’re on Candid Camera!

You have to be of a certain age to know about Candid Camera – a comedy TV show which started in the United States with Allen Funt and was brought to the UK in the 60s and 70s hosted by Bob Monkhouse.  The concept was that people acted naturally in front of camera as they […]

Before the horse bolts

You must have heard of the expression “close the stable door before the horse bolts”.  Perhaps it would be more apt to BOLT the stable door!  Did you know that both “bolts” are related to arrows (as in a crossbox bolt) – a solid metal bar to secure the door and horses bolting as swift […]

Death of the Landline

  BT have announced that they will be switching off the old landline network in 2025 but rumours of the death of the landline have been greatly exaggerated, as Mark Twain would say. There are plenty of reasons for your business to use a landline number: Google My Business still prefers a landline number as […]

Don’t shoot your computer …

  Have you been binge-watching boxsets over lockdown?  What’s your favourite?  Have you got a guilty pleasure? We’ve belatedly discovered NCIS, with the dynamic investigation team led by Special Agent Jethro Gibbs.  It features stories, more often than not involving the mysterious death of a marine, in which NCIS (the Naval Criminal Investigative Service) are […]

Help Mabel keep her landline!

  Do you still remember your childhood landline number? In the days before mobile phones your number was drilled into you, and your Mum checked that you had your 2p coin in your pocket to make an emergency call from a red telephone box.  It may even have been part of the Brownie training – […]

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day!  It turns out that 14th July is only known as this by the English, so the French greeting is “Bonne Fete Nationale”! This bank holiday commemorates the start of the French Revolution, the declaration of the rights of man and its slogan: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. I would like to declare the rights […]

Which Disney character defines your business?

You may be aware that Computer Troubleshooters is a member of a number of business networking groups.  As the meetings take place frequently, it can be difficult to produce an inspiring presentation every week.  Imagine the delight, then, when BNI Sevenoaks challenged its members to incorporate Disney into their 60 seconds! And they certainly rose […]

A Tale of Two Charities

Charles Dickens has A TALE OF TWO CITIES. Last week, Computer Troubleshooters had a tale of two CHARITIES. Local charities have chosen Computer Troubleshooters as their go-to IT support company for some time now and we have developed considerable expertise in this niche.  An added bonus is our knowledge of the discounts which are available […]

Phishing – can you resist the bait?

You must all be aware by now that there are cybercriminals lurking behind every computer connection, waiting to separate your business from its money.  If you aren’t, you should have come to our cyber security webinar hosted by Sevenoaks Chamber!  You can also learn plenty by checking out our blog posts. When it comes to […]

How is your Computer Troubleshooter like Mary Poppins?

Computer Troubleshooters is developing a reputation for taking inspiration for blog posts from unusual places, so you won’t be surprised to see that your friendly, neighbourhood blog-writer has accepted the challenge from a networking colleague to talk about Mary Poppins! Surely Mary Poppins, Edwardian supernanny and star of the eponymous Disney movie, has little in […]

Who you gonna call?

Do you agree that the movies in the 1980s had the catchiest film music? You only need to hear that opening rhythm – di di dar-di-di daaar daaaar – and you know instantly that it is Ghostbusters!  Has this put an earworm in your head?  Are you humming along to the Ray Parker Jr song […]

What’s your favourite password?

What’s your favourite password? … I hope you were not about to reveal it, and I hope you don’t only have just one! 6th May 2021 is World Password Day.  A very good time, then, to think about your password security. It turns out (according to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)) that 15% of […]

Is your business IT ready for a rocket boost?

  12 April 2021 is not just special for being freedom day with businesses being able to open again as the national lockdown relaxes, although this is something to celebrate. Did you know that 12 April 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first voyage into orbit and with it the start of the […]

How is IT support like a Beethoven symphony?

Did you know that 29th March is World Piano Day?  The date was chosen as it is the 88th day of the year (a standard piano has 88 keys.) Playing the piano can look deceptively easy – who hasn’t been tempted to bash out Chopsticks when they see a piano keyboard?  But organizing the music […]

How was IT for you during lockdown, one year on?

It’s a year ago today that you tuned in for that significant announcement “You must stay at home” which heralded the start of Lockdown.  How has the last year treated you and your business? In May 2020, Sevenoaks Chamber of Commerce invited Computer Troubleshooters to present in their series of Lockdown webinars.  The chosen topic: […]

Watch Out, Watch Out, There’s a Hacker About

Business networking has moved online since Lockdown first began, and this, of course, lays the meeting open to attack from cyber criminals.  Zoom-bombing, where uninvited visitors make an appearance and disrupt a meeting, is an ever-present threat which needs to be guarded against with password protection. Imagine the surprise, then, when a hacker took the […]

Is it essential to be cyber certified?

Every time you read the news, it seems that cyber security gets a mention as yet another high-profile organization has its passwords compromised or its data held to ransom.  As you peruse the local updates on NextDoor or Facebook, how many warnings do you see about dodgy emails from HMRC and texts offering Covid vaccinations? […]

If in doubt, phone a friend

  You give a cursory glance to your email inbox – it’s another stack of messages from regular correspondents and your familiar spammy advertising letters. But one email catches your eye.  It is from a regular supplier but it looks “off” somehow: The sending email address matches the named sender It is the same email […]

Are you fully covered against cyber-crime?

  With the Covid-19 pandemic leading to lockdowns, social distancing arrangements and working from home, you may have taken your eye off the ball when it comes to the threat of cyber-crime.   In fact, the hackers are depending on this, and also feeding our appetite for Corona virus news and related products with tempting emails […]

How do you keep up-to-date with technology developments?

  How do you keep abreast of all the developments in the business IT arena?  Do you have a favourite website bookmarked?  Or do you prefer to turn to print media or the TV screen.  Maybe you don’t know where to start. We now have a newsletter containing useful tips about various aspects of business […]

Be a cyber-crimefighter (without the cape)

  Readers of this blog must be aware that we are all under constant attack from the cybercriminals – it’s a popular topic.  From dodgy emails to suspicious text messages, threatening phone calls and even links on a LinkedIn message, you have to keep your guard up on a daily basis. Is it just something […]

Have you been Subscription bombed?

Imagine a postman turning up on your doorstep with thousands of letters – a rare concept these days, I know, but please think of that image for a moment.  Would you bother to sift through all the junk mail, or would you just give up the will to live and consign the whole lot to […]

Lockdown 2 – we are here for you

  As you are aware, the Prime Minister has made a Halloween statement that we are heading into another lockdown on Thursday 5 November.  It’s time to dust down the plans made for remote working back in March and make adjustments in the light of experience. Your IT advisers Computer Troubleshooters are ready to support […]

Click Here; what’s the worst that could happen?

  Have you noticed how young children love to click on buttons? There are loads of tempting opportunities in lifts, on zebra crossings, on parking meters and of course a veritable overload of buttons waiting to be pressed at the Science Museum and other interactive exhibitions. Perhaps you never lose that curiosity to see what […]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it ….

  When you think of new movie releases, you are most probably looking for novelty and not the same old boring formulaic blockbusters which are only attractive because of their stunning special effects.  You may make an exception, however, for those familiar tropes which are so evocative.  We will all feel short-changed if the new […]

Is your laptop sluggish?

  The Lockdown has taken their toll on everyone, but have you spared a thought for your technology?  We’ve been asking a lot of our computers recently with staff working from home, accessing Zoom meetings and logging in to the cloud for their data. One of the bonuses of signing up for a Computer Troubleshooters […]

Are you missing your IT Department?

  One of the joys of the lockdown period is the opportunity to catch up with box sets.  Have you discovered something new (to you) worthy of a binge-watch?  Or perhaps you have returned to an old favourite. If you are in the market for a series recommendation, you could find The IT Crowd a […]

Learning during the Lockdown

Have you been taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn which have crossed our computer screens recently?  There have certainly been some days when we have felt quite Zoomed out!  You can take your pick from a whole dessert trolley of tempting offerings: specialist information for your profession / business coaching / wellbeing and […]

A gift from Microsoft which doesn’t reference Covid-19!

  Have you noticed how people add the phrase “in old money” when using a new, unfamiliar way of measuring or categorising something?  You hear football pundits saying, for example, that Leyton Orient are in EFL Division 2, that’s the 4th Division in old money.  This expression dates back to the decimalisation of Sterling in […]

Staying in contact during Lockdown

Read on for details of a free gift … if you can’t wait that long, check out this link! Self-isolation is important to stop the spread of Covid-19, but complete isolation is not conducive to the health of your business! As your trusted IT advisers, we are here to keep the channels of communication open […]

Protect your computers from Coronavirus!

  It feels like everyone is avid for Covid-19 news at the moment and we are bombarded with news alerts about the latest postponement or quarantine.  Your business may have already made plans for remote working.  Indeed, you may have implemented a ban on face-to-face business meetings. Unfortunately, where there is a thirst for information, […]

Coronavirus: an IT perspective

  Just 3 months ago, Coronavirus was unheard of: now it features daily in the news headlines and it appears that Covid19 needs to be taken seriously as a threat, both on a personal level and to our businesses. Early on we at Computer Troubleshooters felt the impact when the supply of a laptop battery […]

Beating the January Blues

How is 2020 going for you so far?   This week started with Blue Monday.  As the euphoria of Christmas and the New Year subside and with no end in site of dark days and inclement weather, it is easy to see why this day has been seen as the most depressing date in the […]

Why it can be good when the computer says NO

  Do you remember the film 2001 A Space Odyssey?  Back in a time where the future was usually depicted as metallic and shiny with robots taking on the drudgery of boring tasks, Stanley Kubrick conjured up a malignant computer who wasn’t at your beck and call.  Hal 9000 managed the spacecraft but was not […]

Your Windows 10 may not be as hacker-proof as you think

You may recall that we have been advocating upgrading your computer’s operating system to Windows 10 this year to ensure you are ahead of the game when Windows 7 reaches the end of its life in January 2020. The main reason for doing this is that Microsoft will stop plugging up the vulnerabilities which hackers […]

Trusted IT advisers to the UK’s loveliest clients

  Where do you turn for advice when you are considering a purchase?  In all likelihood, unless a friend or family member gives you a recommendation, you will be scrolling through Google looking at reviews!  Who hasn’t checked out Trip Advisor before choosing a restaurant?  We are reassured by the opinion of others, even for […]

Why your business should be dressed “wie eine Zwiebel”

What a shame that the weather is so changeable at the moment.  The early part of Summer felt quite promising, but now it seems that normal service has resumed, with Day 1 of an Ashes Test completely washed out. When you are faced with inclement weather, my German friends recommend that you should dress “wie […]

What can Tonbridge Castle teach us about Cyber Security?

    Tonbridge is often overshadowed by its close regal neighbour Royal Tunbridge Wells with its famous Pantiles arcade and Georgian architecture, but there is at least one area where we can claim superiority: Tonbridge Castle.  Believed by many to be England’s finest example of a Motte and Bailey Castle, the Gatehouse has prime position […]

Whatever the medium, keep up your guard

    As April marks the start of the new tax year, it can be expected that you could receive communication from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs).  Unfortunately, the cybercriminals are well-aware of this fact and will exploit this anniversary to catch us off our guard.  Back in 2016, we wrote a guide on […]

A new year surprise from Microsoft!

If you are a Windows 7 user and you dutifully apply your Windows updates, you may have opened up your computer to a rather nasty surprise this week; the regular Patch Tuesday package included an update which has stopped some Windows 7 PCs connecting to other devices or marked their version of Windows as not […]

How Summer reading reveals your ideal IT adviser

Unless you have a lengthy commute or looming deadlines from a book club, it is highly likely that your daily routine does not prioritise picking up a novel.  There are of course honourable exceptions to the rule; my BNI colleague Glenn regularly completes 5 books week, come rain or shine. This all changes when the […]

Thinking of VOIP? Think of the savings!

  I’ll be brief today.  I just wanted to share with you this lovely testimonial from my BNI colleague and mortgage adviser Glenn Fuller of Next Step Mortgages.  Why not give him a call to check out our VOIP phone system, and treat yourself to a free mortgage review while you are at it – […]

Hildenborough Sunflower felled by July storms

You know it must be the silly season when you start to see bizarre headlines like this appearing in the press!  To be fair, the sunflower at Computer Troubleshooters Towers was an impressive specimen, standing at well over 3 metres, or 10 foot in old money, and its demise is newsworthy locally.   But why […]

Who’s afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?

At this time of year, we should be thinking about Midsummer Night’s Dreams rather than a midsummer’s nightmare, but unfortunately the cyber criminals have other ideas. It has been brought to our attention that there have been some serious occurrences of email hacking recently which are every bit as sinister as the plot of a […]

Performing like a swan

You must have heard of the expression that a swan may appear calm and graceful as it glides across the water, but just beneath the surface it is paddling furiously.  Well, this week a performance of Swan Lake brought this expression to mind and made me think how it applies to the world of IT […]

Are you ready for the big day – not long now!

We will soon be hearing the peal of wedding bells as Prince Harry walks down the aisle with his new bride Meghan Markle: Have you cleared your schedules? Have you got a map of their itinerary? Have you decked the hall with bunting? Is the champagne on ice to toast the happy couple? Of course, […]

Why you need a file sharing solution in your life

    Business thrives on information, and, whereas in the 1960s it was acceptable to wait for reports to be delivered via Royal Mail, and conveyed onwards by the company mailroom to the recipient’s desk, nowadays we want our data this instant! While emails ensure that communications arrive promptly, certainly when compared to “snail mail”, […]

17 reasons why you need Voip

As Blondie once said: “Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone” Is this how your customers feel when they are trying to get through to you? Every professional business needs a professional telephone system; we recommend Voip Internet Telephony from NSN (New Star Networks). Still unsure? Here are seventeen reasons for choosing Voip for your […]

Thinking of Thinking Day

Do you find that certain dates ring a bell, and bring back a memory of something that has long been forgotten?  I find that a glance in the diary will trigger a recollection of an old school friend’s birthday, even though we lost contact 30 years ago. Seeing 22nd February on the schedule transported me […]

100 years of suffrage; why not all rights are good

6 February 2018 is a very significant date, as it marks the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act.  This brought in the right for women to vote – so called universal suffrage – although only if the woman concerned was over 30 and owned land or a home.  Fully equal voting rights […]

Is Voip right for you? Check this testimonial

  We are pleased to have been able to help Ben Assender of Van Secure with his office telephone setup.  It is good to see that Ben now has a working VOIP telephone system, which was implemented with no downtime.  We cannot take all the credit: our VOIP partners New Star Networks with the excellent […]

Black Friday offer for a black day

In the UK we might not get to enjoy the delights of the American Thanksgiving holiday – a pre-Christmas break from work, turkey and all the trimmings, pumpkin pie, ticker-tape parades and wall-to-wall NFL football – but we are certainly being treated to that curious marketing event Black Friday! As we learnt last year, Black […]

New faces at CT Tonbridge

  Here at Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge, we are always keen to make sure that you experience excellent customer service and a high level of technical support so you can forget about your computers and concentrate on developing your business. We are pleased to announce some additions to our team, both on the technical and administrative […]

GDPR: time to show some sense and sensibility

In the year when we mark the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen, it felt like a good time to re-read one of her classics Sense and Sensibility.  In the novel, there is a complete dichotomy between the two heroines: Elinor’s actions are all governed by her head, while Marianne is guided by […]

You’re lucky; we just used to have pigeon holes!

  As October beckons, it’s time for students to pack up their worldly belongings ready for the return to college.  A substantial proportion of their luggage is dedicated to electronic equipment: smart phones, laptops, monitors, desktops and printers, as well as other paraphernalia: headphones, speakers, smart writing tablets, gaming mice. A recent discussion in our […]

Are you due a Red Letter Day?

I’m sure we have all heard the expression red letter day meaning a special day when something noteworthy or memorable happens but did you ever wonder where this term comes from? It took a trip to the Mediaeval Museum in Stockholm for me to discover the origins of this expression!  Can you picture the monks […]

Reece is qualified!

We are pleased to announce that Reece Ebdale has successfully completed his apprenticeship and he is now a fully fledged IT support technician! Reece will continue to look after our monitoring systems and make sure that your systems are up-to-date and fully protected.  He is ready to take on your new IT challenges, but please […]

Is all set fair for you on St Swithin’s Day?

It is well known that the British like to talk about the weather, and the odd bit of weather lore never goes amiss.  For weather watchers the 15th of July is highly significant as it is St Swithin’s Day.  There’s even a proverb all about it: St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain For forty […]

Declare IT independence on the 4th of July!

The fourth of July is arguably one of the most important dates in the American calendar, possibly ranking second only to Thanksgiving as a favourite public holiday.  In a country with so few paid holidays (the minimum entitlement is set at 10 days per year), opportunities to take a break from work will always be […]

On father’s day, who’s the daddy?

I hope you have remembered to treat the father figures in your life this weekend: 18th June 2017 is Father’s Day, and fathers everywhere will be expecting a card at the very least expressing gratitude from their offspring. In the UK and the United States, the third Sunday in June marks the annual celebration of […]

Has Disneyfication arrived in your office?

What does the name “Disney” conjure up in your memory? Mickey Mouse dressed up as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice A visit to a theme park A family outing to the cinema armed with popcorn Fairytale princesses Donning your Mickey Mouse ears to join in the Mickey Mouse Club as a Mouseketeer The list is endless! Disney […]

1997: Deep Blue v Kasparov 2017: checkmate?

Recent media interviews with the Chess Grand Master have reminded us that 20 years have passed since Garry Kasparov had an epic encounter with IBM’s Deep Blue and became the first Chess World Champion to concede defeat to a computer under competition conditions. At the time, it was heralded as a triumph for artificial intelligence […]

When is a May Ball not a “May” Ball?

Dear Reader, you may be aware that the youngest member of the Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge team is currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Oxford University.  We were delighted to hear that he has tickets to his college’s May Ball.  This extravaganza entails a whole night of partying culminating in a survivors’ breakfast, and the […]

Ransomware: how safe are you?

Cyber security hit the headlines again this week with several high-profile victims including the NHS having their data held to ransom with a demand to pay up $300 to get the affected files decrypted.  You can learn more about this attack here. The National Cyber Security Centre is involved in the investigation of this case, […]

Jane Austen impact continues 200 years on

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen.  To coin a phrase: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young lady in possession of a good story, must never be in want of an eager readership. Generations have been entertained by her Regency novels and the contemporary audience has been captivated […]

7 reasons you need Voip this April

April is a big month in telephonic history: In April 1877, a telephone line was set up in Boston between the workshop and the house of Charles Williams Junior, linking to the place where Alexander Graham Bell worked.  These phones became telephones number 1 and 2 of the Bell Telephone Company. April 1973 saw the […]

On Maundy Thursday, charity begins at home

The Thursday before the Easter weekend is traditionally known as Maundy Thursday.  In the church calendar, this day is associated with the Last Supper.  In England the monarch would wash the feet of a number of their subjects; indeed there is a picture of Queen Elizabeth I undertaking this duty. There would also be the […]

Does your IT make you feel like a Grand National jockey?

With April comes that important date in the horseracing calendar, the Grand National.  This jewel in the National Hunt season is a handicapped steeplechase featuring larger-than-standard fences – 30 in all – over a gruelling 4 mile course at Aintree Racecourse.  The drama of the event and the romance of its heroes such as Red […]

Let’s hear it for the Women!

8th March marks International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate the role of women in society with a focus on the workplace.  The roots of International Women’s Day can be traced back to the early 1900s as a protest movement seeking equal employment rights and universal suffrage. In 1977 the United Nations gave their […]

Eat your pancakes before Lent sets in!

Exactly 47 days before that moveable feast Easter Sunday, we celebrate Shrove Tuesday, but how come pancakes feature in this Christian celebration?  There are clues in the other names given to this day. The French name for pancake day is Mardi Gras, a term associated with carnival festivities around the world from Brazil to Germany.  […]

Your trusted IT advisor is in the national news!

  I thought you would be interested to hear about Steve’s 15 minutes of fame this week. The Daily Mail were looking for an industry expert to provide a quote about ransomware and a Google search led the journalist to our blog featuring a ransomware attack on “The Good Wife”.   Surely you remember this story: […]

Xin nian kuai le – Happy Chinese New Year!

On 28th January 2017, the Chinese year of the Rooster began.  As the Chinese calendar is based on lunar months, the new year falls on a different Gregorian (solar calendar as used in the UK) date each year, but generally in January or February. The first thing I learnt in my research is that we’ve […]

How Burns Night could provide inspiration for your next password

25th January marks a quintessentially Scottish celebration: Burns Night.  Since the first supper held in memoriam for Robert Burns by a group of his friends in 1801, events have taken place annually all around the world on the anniversary of his birth. Although mainly celebrated by the Scottish diaspora, the festival is open to anyone […]

A celebration of pantomimes: It’s behind you!

  And so we have reached the festive season, and no Christmas celebration is truly complete without a visit to that peculiarly British institution, the Pantomime.  Every commercial theatre, and plenty of amateur companies too, will put on a production of a traditional fairy tale, often enhanced with the appearance of a celebrity. The roots […]

St Andrew: NOT the patron saint of PHishermen!

30th November marks the last of the United Kingdom Saints Days, in this case St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland.  Andrew is in fact the chosen saint of several countries, but this is not where his duties end.  He was recruited by Jesus as a disciple to be a fisher of men, and is […]

What every charity needs to know

In many ways, not-for-profit organisations resemble “normal” profit-driven businesses: You need to account for your income and outgoings You need to be able to produce reports for bodies to which you are accountable You need to budget for your projected expenditure You need to manage your team … And you need robust IT systems to […]

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

As a nation, we certainly do remember the 5th of November, although it is generally imprinted in our memories as a brilliant excuse on a dark wintry night to wrap up warm, gather around a bonfire and watch enthralled as the touch-paper is ignited on ever-more-noisy fireworks.  There are presumably fewer of us who know […]

Ghost in the machine

“Trick or Treat” calls out the little skeleton on your doorstep, flanked by a ghost dressed in a bedsheet with holes for eyes and a witch complete with Harry Potter broomstick; it’s that time of year again where it is wise to have a stock of sweets at the ready if you don’t want to […]

Time to think about Time

As the nights draw in and sultry Summer evenings are a distant memory, our thoughts turn to the Clocks turning back as British Summer Time makes way for Greenwich Mean Time this weekend.  Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), GMT’s more accurate successor, has a greater impact on our lives than simply ensuring that we don’t arrive […]

7 reasons your business needs a managed service plan

Imagine never having to deal with computer problems again. We have an easy way to keep your computers running faster, cleaner and problem-free without the expense of your own IT department … a Computer Troubleshooters Managed Service Plan. So, what exactly is a managed service plan? All your computers are monitored, maintained and supported for […]

A harvest we won’t be celebrating

  As schoolchildren return to their lessons and the last warmth from the Indian Summer dissipates, we look forward to the next feast day in the calendar: Harvest Festival. Communities around the world celebrate the successful growing and gathering of food ahead of the Winter, and the timing is of course dependent on when the […]

Roald Dahl 100: just imagine if he had a PC!

Put out the bunting! Pop the champagne! Let the festivities commence for the centenary of one of the best loved children’s authors of our time! 13th September 2016 marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Roald Dahl.  His life and works will be celebrated at The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre and in […]

An Elephant Never Forgets

While checking out which important events are happening on 12th August, I was interested to learn that it is World Elephant Day.  Elephants have been valued for many things; their importance as a species in the African ecosystem their performances in circuses their ability to transport heavy loads and passengers sadly, the ivory from their […]

Is Olympic Sportsmanship compromised by Technology?

August is here, and one of those quadrennial delights is just around the corner.  The opening ceremony of the XXXI Olympics takes place in Rio on 5th August 2016.  This will feature the oath first created by the Games founder Baron de Coubertin for the 1920 Antwerp games: In the name of all the competitors […]

Pokemon-Go: how gaming became the healthy choice

    Who remembers that desperate Christmas when frazzled parents could not lay their hands on a Thunderbirds Tracy Island and were reduced to constructing one with cardboard tubes and sticky back plastic following the helpful instructions from Blue Peter?  This followed the successful relaunch of the animated series after its original airing in the […]

7 deadly signs you should never ignore

    From the Bible we have learnt that there are 7 deadly sins: –          Pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth and greed. Where businesses are concerned, however, there are 7 deadly signs that your IT is failing which you ignore at your peril.  They may not result in a trip to Hell, but the […]

No more Summer Holiday Phone Bill Blues!

  Here come the Summer Holidays! If you are a small business owner with children, you will know it is a very tight balancing act making sure you keep on top of the business if you have to book time off to look after the children. Many of our customers frequently tell us that the […]

How to enjoy a sweepstake in a small office

Even for those people who would never think of entering a bookies’ shop or having a flutter via an online gambling app, there are certain major events, sporting or otherwise, where the enjoyment can be enhanced by participating in an office sweepstake.  Where you wouldn’t normally care about the fate of a little-known horse in […]

Introducing Reece Ebdale, our apprentice

We are pleased to present a new member of the Computer Troubleshooters team.  Reece joined us in June 2016 as an apprentice IT support technician.  You may already have had the pleasure of meeting Reece as he has assisted Liane both with remote work and during onsite visits. He will be studying at the 3aaa […]

A+ – Why Bother?

  Following her recent success in the A+ examination, Liane has given us some insight into the purpose of studying for A+ in this week’s blog: Having recently completed the CompTIA A+ certification, we thought now would be a good time to reflect on the process. There are so many reasons to become A+ certified […]

Movie technology I wish I could buy!

When you settle down with your popcorn to watch the latest blockbuster, do you get distracted by the gadgets that the protagonists have at their disposal?  From rom-coms, through spy movies and on to Sci-Fi thrillers, tech is ubiquitous and can be very sophisticated. Where would James Bond be without the assistance of Q?  One […]

Imagine an office without computers

The proposition of running a modern business without IT seems unthinkable.  Just take a moment to look around you and consider all the aspects of your work which depend on being connected via technology: Correspondence, both email and letter writing Telephone Accounts and tax reporting Filing Printing Diary Address book Banking and payment collection Information […]

Like 6 million dollar man, we have the technology to rebuild

Back in that golden age of television that was the 1970s, there were plenty of action-packed serials which captivated the youth audience and inspired re-enactments in the playground – The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, Hawaii 5-0, Dukes of Hazard, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, Alias Smith and Jones – just for starters.  Did you have […]

Mayday Mayday Mayday – CT to the rescue

Everyone must be familiar with the distress call Mayday Mayday Mayday from those old black and white films about the Battle of Britain, but did you ever wonder why the first day of May should be linked to a cry for help? It was devised in the 1920s at Croydon Airport in London as a […]

Drip Drip Drop Little April Shower …

The charming scene of animals scurrying for cover in Bambi accompanied by this song sums up perfectly the propensity for the weather in April to be very changeable with a fair smattering of rain.  A little rain never did anyone any harm, and contributes to the verdant landscape. Where a little rain can do tremendous […]

Were you an April Fool?

    The first day of April has traditionally been a time to set up hoaxes and play tricks on people.  The reason for the choice of 1st April as the day to celebrate the playing of pranks on your friends is lost in the mists of time, but the tradition can be traced back […]

An “Easter Egg” to celebrate Easter

  Who doesn’t like an Easter egg or two?  It must be up there as one of the best things about Easter and is evidently essential to the success of an Easter egg hunt.  This is probably the reason why the term “Easter egg” has been adopted in computing circles for the hidden bonuses lurking […]

Celebrate the vernal equinox with a Spring clean!

Despite the unseasonably chilly weather, the vernal equinox marks the start of Spring.  Generally considered to fall on 21st March, it can technically occur at any time between 19th and 21st March, in fact falling this year on Sunday 20th. The vernal equinox takes place when the sun crosses the celestial equator, which is the […]

How can an eagle fight technology-based crime?

  With each step forward in the development of technology, there come innovations in the way the gadgets can be employed.  Unfortunately, not all innovations benefit society as a whole, as criminals are also seeking opportunities to support their activities using the latest inventions. Drones are bringing great benefits to businesses.  Builders can deploy them […]

Mother knows best; make her day!

  As the 4th Sunday in Lent approaches, our thoughts turn to Mothering Sunday.  More commonly known as Mother’s Day, this event is not to be confused with the American tradition of the same name which falls later in the calendar, although it is generally celebrated in the same manner. It’s the one day of […]

How will you spend your Bonus Day?

  Did you realise that you are being treated to an additional 24 hours this year?  That’s a whole extra day tacked on to the year, courtesy of 2016 being a Leap Year.  Monday is a rather special day as it marks that relatively rare occurrence the Leap Day. Why do we even have Leap […]

Are you sitting on an (IT) time-bomb?

  Sitting on a bomb – whether it be of the time- variety or something more lethal – sounds a pretty uncomfortable position to find yourself in.  Surely no-one would contemplate leaving the tick-tick-ticking of a destructive device unheeded.  Anyone who has used public transport recently will be aware of the repeated warnings to report […]

We’re in the (local) news!

The local community is very important to Computer Troubleshooters.  We don’t like to stray far from our Hildenborough base and our focus is to support businesses in Tonbridge and the surrounding West Kent area.  Indeed, as you can read on our van, our motto is LOCAL SERVICE, GLOBAL STRENGTH. So we were chuffed when Tonbridge […]

Be my Valentine!

      The Christmas festivities are over, the New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten, and we have made it through the first month of 2016.  So it must be time for that next great celebration beloved by greetings card shops: St Valentine’s Day. There does seem to be some uncertainty about the saint behind […]

What has BNI ever done for us?

  Fans of Monty Python’s Life of Brian may well remember the debate by the protest group “What have the Romans ever done for us?”  The answer, of course, turned out to be a comprehensive list of the achievements and innovations introduced by the Roman Empire. To coin a phrase, what has BNI ever done […]

Happy Birthday Herr Mozart!

As today is the 260th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart it is an ideal time to celebrate his contribution to culture in general and classical music in particular.  He was certainly famous in his own lifetime for his precocious talent, and the popularity of his compositions has endured; in the Classic FM […]

New Year, New Email System

As the new calendar flips open to 2016, our thoughts turn to New Year Resolutions.  How many of those good intentions are already by the wayside? Dry January drowned in a post-Christmas drinks party? 5:2 diet sabotaged by a cream cake? Fitness drive scuppered by a crowded gym and overbooked classes? So much for personal […]

A brief history of malware at Christmas

Although this is meant to be the season of goodwill, it would appear that it is the prime time for criminal activity on your computers, a veritable season of bad will! For many, Christmas time is the best time of the year. Celebrations, family and friends, presents, a week off work, all part of the […]

The power of the #ff

Twitter abounds with abbreviations; after all, when you only have 140 characters to play with, you need all the help you can get to reduce and compress your message. Many of the short forms started their life when text speak was first developed, although this was motivated more by the desire to type quickly than […]

Early Christmas present for you: cloud backup with no setup fee!

Have you considered Cloud Backup for your business? Take the worry out of protecting your data. I am extending this offer to you today as you have used Computer Troubleshooters’ services before.  As an extra incentive, the usual setup fee of £30 will be waived if you decide to go ahead before Christmas 2015. Introducing […]

When can a LENS rescue you?

When you think of the emergency services coming to your aid, I suspect that a lens does not feature high up in the list of equipment that you expect a firefighter to be wielding: Hose: check Ladder: check Axe: check Fire extinguisher: check Bolt Cutters: check Fire engine: check Breathing apparatus: check But a lens? […]

When the going gets tough …

When the going gets tough … … it may be time to consider getting a Toughbook! You may have glimpsed these rugged armour-plated computers in an action-packed movie, probably toted by a soldier on manoeuvres in a conflict zone or maybe in the hands of a bomb-disposal expert as he heads in to de-activate an […]

Celebrating 15 years of local service, global strength

The time: 9 am The date: Saturday 10th October 2015 The place: Bury The event: the Computer Troubleshooters annual European Conference On a crisp Autumnal weekend, the Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge team wended our way to join other Computer Troubleshooters from around Europe to celebrate our IT support services franchise’s 15th anniversary. This event is always […]

How did you celebrate Ada Lovelace Day?

Who even was Ada Lovelace, I hear you ask, let alone why there should be a day especially dedicated to her memory. Ada’s may not be a familiar name nowadays, but she played a significant role in the development of computing and deserves to be honoured. Ada Lovelace was born in 1815, the daughter of […]

What has technology ever done for sport?

  The rules of the game may evolve over time, but sports such as football, rugby and cricket have remained largely unchanged for over a century, right? Well think again! From grassroots games to international fixtures, technology has influenced every aspect of play.   Surely cricket on the village green or a school-boy football match […]

What does Windows 10 have to offer to you?

Windows 10 is here – So what is new? Latest figures released by Microsoft suggest that Windows 10 has been installed already on 75 million computers worldwide, with plenty more joining in every day.  We still advise caution before making the decision to upgrade your business computer; we have seen cases where the PC has […]

The Man From UNCLE: why spy films don’t need hi-tech gadgets

Having just spent an enjoyable afternoon watching Guy Ritchie’s The Man From UNCLE, I got to thinking about the role of technology and gadgets in spy films: have we, the audience, become dependent on our heroes having a battery of hi-tech equipment at their disposal, and do we feel short-changed if we are not dazzled […]

So what exactly is Computer Science?

The A level results are out and according to BBC news there has been a 12% increase in the number of new students choosing to study Computer Science at university in September. Indeed the youngest member of the Computer Troubleshooters team is heading off to read Mathematics and Computer Science at Oxford University himself. One […]

Oh what a lovely testimonial!

We were delighted when Oakley Day Nursery agreed to use the Computer Protection Plan for their office computer, but even more delighted when Dominic followed up with these very kind words. It feels very good to receive such a glowing testimonial; thank you Dominic. I can highly recommend Steve and his team a Computer Troubleshooters […]

Computer Troubleshooters’ Services: a simple guide

  What do you understand by the term “IT managed services”? Basically you want the assurance that your business computers will run smoothly and trouble-free all year round. This new range of flyers spells out for you the benefits and features.   BEST SERVICE PLAN This plan lets you consider Computer Troubleshooters as your IT […]

Only 1 sleep until Windows 10 arrives

Yes, the long wait since the Windows 10 icon first appeared on the bottom right hand side of your screen is finally coming to an end. Windows 10 will be available to download from Wednesday 29th July 2015. Windows 10 is a free upgrade for anyone using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but there is […]

School’s Out … For Summer

So the long Summer term is finally petering out, with the last few schools doggedly soldiering on this week with games, videos and leaving presentations…. And then the schools are out for the long summer holidays. Even if you don’t have school-age children, this has an impact on your daily life. The morning commute between […]

Facebook is where it’s at!

It’s all happening on Facebook! The Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge Facebook page has been feeling a bit neglected lately, but this is set to change! Our IT technician Liane has taken the reins, and her mission is to keep Tonbridge up-to-date with news and all interesting matters on the IT front. Why not pay us a […]

Pleased as punch with our new testimonial!

Doing a good job should be reward enough in itself, but everyone likes their efforts to be recognised, don’t they?   We are always very grateful when one of our customers takes time out from their busy schedules to write up a testimonial. Andrew Bradley kindly dropped us a line today. We are delighted that […]

10 good reasons to consider online backup

Online Data Backup Top 10 benefits   Data backup is a key start to any business continuity plan. We appreciate just how important your company information and records are to your business.   ‘58% of UK businesses would suffer significant business disruption if their IT systems were not available for just one day’ PricewaterhouseCoopers 2012 […]

Would you like peace of mind for your computers?

Peace of Mind for your computers all year round All this for a simple annual fee per computer of £90 + VAT     Introducing the Computer Protection Plan: Monitoring of your computer 24 hours a day, every day of the year Warnings if your backup should fail (additional fee for cloud backup) Protection from […]

Is your protection cutting the mustard?

Viruses and spyware can launch an attack on your computer in various ways, for example: Opening infected email attachments Visiting corrupt websites Downloading files from the internet USB connected devices (eg memory sticks, external hard drives, MP3 players) CDs/DVDs   These can be for any criminal intent, including: Identity theft Fraud Deletion, theft and corruption of […]

What a diff’rence an SSD makes …

“What a diff’rence an SSD makes 240 little GBs” Perhaps Dinah Washington would have been moved to sing these words in 1959 if personal computers and solid state drives existed at the time! The actual lyrics do capture the euphoria experienced after struggling with deteriorating computer performance: “What a diff’rence a day makes 24 little […]

Introducing our new technician Liane

We are pleased to welcome Liane Agnew to the Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge team. Liane has taken up her role as IT Support Technician with us this month and is looking forward to getting to know our customers and their computer systems.   Liane graduated with a 2:1 honours in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) from […]

Are you ready for World Backup Day?

Are you ready for World Backup Day? Or were you unaware that there was even a day dedicated to the important task of backing up your precious documents and photos? This year World Backup Day falls on 31st March, just in time to make sure that you do not make an April Fool of yourself. […]

System security review offer

The taxman cometh!  Will your IT systems be ready? Financial Year End is traditionally approaching and whilst the tax will not necessarily be due until next January this actually provides the perfect opportunity to examine your financial processes, record keeping and data security. Perhaps it’s time to overhaul your internal systems? Also, don’t forget that tax […]

“The Good Wife” attacked by Ransomware

The US TV series The Good Wife may focus on law and politics, but the Chicago-based lawyers have always been involved in cutting-edge technology issues from Bitcoin to hacking communications. I suppose we should not have been surprised then, when the episode which aired on British televisions this week, Shiny Objects series 6 episode 5, […]

Cryptolocker and the important insurance of backups and protection

Today’s blog has been brought to you by Rick Van Akin of CTS Danbury, a Computer Troubleshooters franchisee in USA. The lessons to learn about Cryptolocker and the importance of backups apply internationally. Securing your computer is not something to ignore or do another day. Everyone, including us, has experienced some sort of computer virus […]

Christmas is over; time to prepare for the tax year end!

The tax season is approaching; time to consider your online securityWe have barely finished creating our lists of New Year’s resolutions and before we know it, the taxman will cometh. This means that it’s time for the annual deep dive into a combination of paper and digital documentation to tally up a year’s worth of business […]

Glimpse of a technology-free past … via a novel

When Deborah Moggach wrote You Must Be Sisters back in 1978, she was exploring what it was to be a young adult setting out on independent life with all the emotional challenges that that entails. The novel takes place in contemporary Britain, allowing the readers at that time to relate to the characters in the […]

We’re in print!

The Kings Hill directory has kindly included an article about Computer Troubleshooters and our backup review offer in their January edition. Just in case you cannot lay your hands on a copy, here is the text from their feature: Computer Troubleshooters can help your business with all its computer needs. This month we are offering […]

Emails about payments – think before you click

Have you just received an email with the subject: Undefined transactions (need assistance) Ref:17277VVQ? We have had a rash of these emails this morning, with similar text apart from the reference number. The text of the email has been similar in each case: Good morning I have recently found several payments on statement with the […]

When is a blackboard better than a computer?

It occurred to me recently when catching up with the science fiction TV series Fringe that every time a scientist is grappling with a complex equation, their tool of choice is generally a blackboard rather than a computer. Of course all the experts, whether on the small screen or the silver screen, have access to […]

7 good reasons to outsource your IT support

Your business is never either too small or too large to benefit from outsourced IT support.  You can choose to hand over the entire responsibility for your computers to another company, or you may prefer to pick and choose which services you keep in-house.  Services which can be outsourced include: website development and hosting data […]

Are you putting your clients’ personal data at risk?

As we rely on computers for all our business processes, we are also recording sensitive customer information electronically.  This act brings with it the responsibility to protect client data from cybercrime.  The consequences can be severe; only today the Guardian reported that the MoonPig greetings card website had left 3 million users vulnerable to attack […]

Is technology essential in a detective novel?

Has the introduction of technology into our daily lives also had an impact on our expectations when we turn to literature? It seems that all contemporary crime fiction relies on complex technological props to advance the plot. I’ve recently been reading some Dorothy L Sayers stories featuring the aristocratic detective Lord Peter Wimsey and it […]

Rise in “Computer Support” calls

The uninvited call from Windows Technical Support or some other similarly named organisation is never welcome, but it seems that they have recently become more frequent. Could it be due to computers becoming more commonplace? The callers must be encouraged by positive outcomes for them; of course the result of allowing such a caller to […]

Hats off to CT Tonbridge

From time to time the business networking group to which Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge belongs, BNI Tonbridge Castle Chapter, likes to introduce a theme to the proceedings to spice up the 60-second presentations.  At the last meeting, members were encouraged to wear a hat relating to their trade. Steve decided to take an alternative approach to […]

Are all TV computer experts geeks?

While I was catching up with the latest American crime series on TV recently, I got to thinking about the stock characters that pop up in every programme, and I started to wonder if all computer experts in television are portrayed as geeks. Of course each programme can only devote so much time to character […]

Behind the 8 ball?

Are you behind the 8 ball?  It’s a curious expression, isn’t it?  According to the Urban Dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com), the saying means In a bad situation, in a losing position. “The phrase comes from pool (or billiards). When the cue (white) ball is behind the eight (black) ball, a player usually has no shot. I’m really behind the […]

Why hosted desktops … the concluding part

We’ve been exploring how hosted desktops can prove to  be a great solution for all your business IT needs in our occasional series Why hosted desktops could work for you, so now is a good time to stand back and draw some conclusions. But first, the fundamental question must be: what are hosted desktops?  This […]

CT Tonbridge scoops BNI award

Computer Troubleshooters are proud to be members of the Tonbridge Castle Chapter of BNI (Business Networking International) for the last 10 years.  Part of the weekly breakfast meeting at the Mercure Hotel in Pembury consists of a 60 second presentation by each of the members.  The Tonbridge Castle Chapter have upped the ante by rewarding […]

Gone. The saddest word in the language. In any language.

Gone.  The saddest word in the language.  In any language. These poignant words from Mark Slouka may seem melodramatic when applied to your business data, but take a moment to consider the impact if the worst were to happen: Could you recover important documents if your computer was stolen, destroyed in a fire or simply […]

New to CT? Get a free tech review!

This month we are extending an offer to review your business’s technology free-of-charge if you are not already enjoying the services of Computer Troubleshooters. Is it time your business had a technology assessment?You have already invested a lot of time and money into the technology needed to run your business, but is your investment paying […]

10 years a Troubleshooter

Steve Rice brought Computer Troubleshooters to Tonbridge in the Spring of 2004, and has recently celebrated his 10th anniversary at the annual European conference.  Fortunately, spending 10 years as a Computer Troubleshooter is a much more pleasurable experience than that of Solomon Northrup in “12 years a slave”. Steve started out offering computer repair services […]

Why have a dog and bark yourself?

It’s quite a strange expression when you think about it, but it certainly drives the point home that no-one should waste their time barking when a dog is much more suited to the job and more than happy to take on the task. Yet, when it comes to computers, business owners are apt to roll […]

Do you have movie technology envy?

Have you ever considered how wonderful the technology deployed by characters in Hollywood Movies is?  They are able to track criminals by their mobile signal, and downloads of encrypted data happen in a flash.  You seldom see the plot stalling as the main protagonist is made to wait while Microsoft installs another 40 updates, and […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 8

The days are long gone when every office worker would expect to take a seat at his own desk from 9am to 5pm, joining the hoards of commuters to make the journey to and from work.  The most that an employee could expect to transport home would be a briefcase full of paperwork. When computers were […]

Is it time for a cloud solution assessment?

Is It Time Your Business Had a Cloud Solution Assessment? Cloud solutions have really changed the ways business is being done these days. As a business owner, a cloud solution such as hosted exchange can enable you to reshape the way you are doing business by reshaping your workforce. Cloud Solutions eliminates buying software and offers its […]

Try turning it off and on again!

The old IT mantra of “have you tried turning it off and on again?” is much maligned and ridiculed.  It even became a kind of catchphrase on “The IT Crowd” where one technician even went so far as to make an answerphone recording taking users through the familiar script.   The truth of the matter, […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 7

We haven’t visited the topic of hosted desktops for a while, but we still have more reasons up our sleeve for you to consider hosted desktops for your business. Some businesses experience large fluctuations in their workforce.  This could be seasonal, for example delivery services are in greater demand in the run up to Christmas, […]

The right technology for the job

Is Your Business Losing Time and Money with the Wrong Technology? You have invested a lot of time and money into the technology your office uses to operate every day. When your computers do not function as they should, productivity for you and your staff is immediately impacted. You may be losing potential productivity simply […]

Supercomputer found in Tonbridge!

We couldn’t believe what we were reading when we checked the memory levels of a simple Samsung laptop on our workbench and saw a reading of 400GB RAM! Had we truly found a supercharged computer masquerading as a basic laptop?  Or did the machine simply have delusions of grandeur? Sadly, the RAM level was fictitious, […]

Keeping safe online

We all feel we are sophisticated, security-savvy users on the internet, but it is very easy to be caught off-guard or to become complacent about the threats lurking on the World Wide Web. Our colleagues at Computer Troubleshooters of Anderson in the USA in conjunction with Bigger Brains have produced an informative video to warn […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 6

In the newest instalment of our occasional series about using hosted desktops for your business, we consider the situation for new start-up companies. The wonderful part of this situation is that your business is not saddled with aging IT equipment and legacy systems. Starting with a clean slate, you can hit the ground running with […]

Try remote support on us

A special offer from Computer Troubleshooters! In our 10 years supporting businesses in Tonbridge and West Kent, we have found remote access to be an excellent method of resolving IT issues. We would now like to extend this opportunity to new customers to see for themselves how remote support works. How Remote Support Can Benefit […]

40% of PCs have no antivirus protection – seriously?

This morning the BBC has reported recent findings from the National Crime Agency about the prevalence of malware on UK computers. It is said that almost 11,000 victims of malicious viral attacks were recorded last year. The most shocking statistic, however, was that almost 40% of computers rarely have security software installed to protect them […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 5

Many companies take the attitude “it’ll never happen to us” when it comes to considering protecting their business information. This is where investing in hosted desktops could act as an insurance policy for your company. There is more to business continuity than simply ensuring all your data is backed up, although this is of course […]

Will remote monitoring benefit your business?

Take advantage of this offer today! A Proactive Monitoring Solution Can Enhance Your Business with the Following Benefits: Save time and money that is lost on unanticipated technology issues and have your business’ technology needs proactively monitored through a centralised remote location staffed by professionals. Repairs and upgrades can also be handled from a remote […]

Cloud computing explained

The term “cloud computing” is bandied about a lot these days, but what does it actually mean and how does it affect you and your business. The simple fact is that you are probably using cloud computing already; web-based emails, Dropbox, data backups. This excellent article from the Herald Sun in Australia takes us back […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 4

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have access to state-of-the-art up-to-date processing power wherever you are without the worry that that equipment will become the target of thieves? The hosted desktop approach allows you to use a relatively simple computer to access the powerful cloud-based PC housing all your applications. If your business premises are in […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 3

Back to our occasional series considering the benefits of hosted desktops. Hosted desktops and cloud computing are an obvious solution for businesses who want to wash their hands of the overheads and headaches that IT management can bring to a company so that they can focus on their core business objectives. Why waste effort and […]

Remote control for your business

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of a Remote Support Solution? Not that long ago the term “remote” generally referred to something far removed in space or time. The term was used to describe anything from distant cousins to someone living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Definitions certainly change over time. Currently, the […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 2

Here is the second in our occasional series about the benefits of hosted desktops. As IT equipment is added to the stock over a long period of time, businesses will find that they are managing a plethora of differing hardware and software applications. As a result, there is a desire to standardise the approach to […]

IT managed services explained in doodles

What does managed services mean for you and your business? Computer Troubleshooters have just released this video clip taking a doodling approach to the subject and making understanding the advantages for your business a doddle! http://youtu.be/OxajAPKL1iE

Close that stable door before the horse bolts

The right time to worry about protecting your data is before disaster strikes. We are offering a free review of your backup arrangements so you can enjoy a carefree summer break. If you aren’t concerned about data backup for your business, then read this: • 93% of companies that lost their data for 10+ days, […]

When the cat’s away…

… the mice will play, as the old saying goes. Is your business impacted by your customers’ habits? If it is your experience that your workload is reduced as your customers take their annual holidays, this could be a good time for you to focus on those tasks which get put to one side while […]

BNI Presentation – protecting your business

We recently informed the Tonbridge Castle BNI chapter about the dangers of the Cryptolocker malware and the steps that should be taken to protect your business from attack. Cryptolocker facts: – Variants: Cryptodefense, cryptowall & cryptobit. – Symantec estimate 3% of those infected have paid the ransom. – University of Kent estimate at 41%. – […]

Cloud system problems? Check Twitter

Cloud computing can bring great benefits to businesses. It is very convenient to access your customer records when you are on the move, and productivity can be improved by ensuring that every member of staff has access to up-to-date information. The downside to these systems is that problems can occur. We come to rely on […]

Google Glass and office etiquette

The recent launch of the wearable device Google Glass has led to concerns about possible misuses of the technology. Could the glasses be employed to record a pirate copy of the latest film release in cinemas? Could the wearer film the inputting of a security pin when standing near a cashpoint machine? So far, there […]

Flexible working legislation – impact on IT

Today, Monday 30 June 2014, new legislation comes into force to allow all workers to submit a request for flexibility in their work arrangements. Up until now, employees with childcare or family caring responsibilities have been able to negotiate more suitable working hours and conditions with their employers. This right is now extended to all […]

GOZeus deadline has expired – are you safe?

Earlier this month, the UK National Crime Agency warned that computer users had 2 weeks to make sure that their houses were in order to avoid coming under attack from the Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker malware threats. The advice was to ensure that all Windows updates were in place and that the computer was secured […]

Why hosted desktops could work for you – part 1

There are several points in the business life cycle when changes to the IT setup can be considered. If you have an office full of machinery which has seen better days, replacing your hardware could improve productivity and your ability to react to market requirements. You could consider purchasing more powerful computers which support the […]

Remote monitoring and maintenance – what you should know

Is Your Business Protected by a Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Solution? Have you recently heard that techy acronym RMM tossed around and felt clueless? If you aren’t sure exactly what RMM is or what it does, here’s a brief explanation: Managed Service Providers (MSP) employ Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) tools to manage their clients’ […]

Computer Troubleshooter – get on your bike!

Computer Troubleshooters have adopted a low tech solution to Tonbridge’s traffic woes; when an on-site visit in Tonbridge is called for, our Computer Troubleshooter gets on his bike. “I actually find I can get to my client’s site more quickly and I don’t have the hassle of searching for a parking space” Steve Rice, Managing […]

Why we love ESET

We’ve always been impressed by ESET’s antivirus software and we have been happy to recommend them to our customers for the last 3 years. Just as important as the quality of their software is the excellence of their technical support team. I recently advised a customer to contact them after a phone call from “MSN […]

The importance of backup

Do you think a data backup solution is simply too expensive for your business? That viewpoint is similar to thinking that insurance for your home is too expensive. Insurance might have seemed expensive until your home is wiped out in a fire and you have lost everything. After the fire is snuffed out, how do […]

Alert about cyber attack “GameOver Zeus”

GameOver Zeus: Computer users have been given a two-week warning over a virus threat that could attack their data. The authorities in the UK and USA have been tracking activities by cyber attackers; although the imminent threat has been averted, it is thought that the hackers could eventually find loopholes in the defences. The general […]

Ebay users’ data at risk – change your passwords

EBAY has recently revealed that their databases were hacked in late February and encrypted passwords and other non-financial data are therefore vulnerable. More details are available from news reports: this one was posted on the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-27503290 What are the implications for your business? – If you are registered as an EBAY user, you […]

Offer to review technology set-up of local businesses

Our forthcoming newsletter extends an offer to local businesses to undertake a technology review. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of the offer. Is Your Technology Helping or Hindering Your Business? Have you given any recent thought to your business’ technology? If the answer is no, maybe that’s because it […]

Checking your business goals are supported by your IT

Our newsletter this month deals with the question of matching your IT set up to your business goals: Is Your Current Technology Supporting the Goals of Your Business? As a business owner, how often do you use the phrase “time is money?” It’s certainly an accurate description of how we live and work today, yet […]

Routers under attack

We have recently become aware of a malicious attack which is targeted at broadband routers rather than specific computers. As a result, all the computers linked to the router exhibit viral symptoms; initiating a Google search may lead to a redirection to an unwanted website, and there are spoof prompts to update software. Even Apple […]

Antivirus protection for Macs

The received wisdom may be that Mac computers are not vulnerable to malware attacks, but if you crave security for your Mac device, we have a specially designed product for you. We have just installed Eset Cyber Security for Mac for the first time. This antivirus protection is available at the same price as ESET […]

The countdown to XP’s demise has started

The Final Countdown to Microsoft’s 8th April Deadline. In 2002, Microsoft presented its official Support Lifecycle Policy that was based on detailed customer feedback. The predictability of support services was cited as a very important issue for Microsoft’s customers. Microsoft responded accordingly by alerting customers years in advance that the XP operating system and Windows […]

Offer to review your antivirus protection

Take advantage of this offer today! FREE CONSULTATION TO ASSESS YOUR ANTIVIRUS PROTECTION Offer must end 28 February 2014! Microsoft’s most recent Security Intelligence Report stated that over 16 million household computers have had serious virus problems within the past two years. Additional statistics include the following: • 8 million household computers encountered spyware problems […]

Using mobile technology for your business

This month’s newsletter from Computer Troubleshooters deals with the issue of mobile technology in the workplace. Please let us know if you would like to receive your own copy of our newsletter: Adapting Your Business to a Mobile On-the-Go World Mobility has quickly transformed the way most of us are now working. According to research […]

Offer of IT Review for 2014

Let us help your business develop a technology plan for 2014 Have you been saying you are going to upgrade your business computers or get an improved phone system? Don’t put it off any longer – let Computer Troubleshooters help you today. There are a variety of technology solutions that can benefit your business and […]

How to stop a scam caller in their tracks

We are all getting used to the occasional unsolicited call from “Windows services” or another similarly branded support company, ringing to warn you that your computer has virus problems which require urgent attention. Even the most savvy computer user can be caught out if their defences are down, and before you know it, you could […]

Should you upgrade to Windows 8.1?

So, you’ve just purchased a new laptop, and you start it up and discover it has Windows 8. Microsoft introduced this operating system with the advent of touch-sensitive screens, but it looks pretty confusing for users accustomed to Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7; there isn’t even a start button with the familiar menu. Now […]

New Year’s resolutions for your business IT

We all make personal New Year’s resolutions on January 1st. This year, why not commit to a few professional resolutions for your business, too? Computer Troubleshooters strongly encourages you to put a new technology plan at the top of that list for 2014. We are offering some technology planning guidelines that can help you form […]

Reassurance of a back up plan

We’ve just received another testimonial, this time for our back-up and antivirus protection services. Nick Tunstill of DemonSkinz Ltd, a vinyl and promotion printing company based in Crowborough, writes: Steve and the team at Computer Troubleshooters set up a cloud data back up system and installed anti-virus software remotely over the internet. Their service was […]

Service plan comes highly recommended

We have recently received this testimonial from Stephen Searby of Sevenoaks Physiotherapy, highlighting the benefits of a Computer Troubleshooters service plan: We have been using Computer Troubleshooters for over a year now and to be honest don’t know how we would have seen our way through a major period of IT change without them. Whilst […]

CryptoLocker – a new angle on viral threats

Chip Reaves of Computer Troubleshooters Anderson in the United States has alerted us to a sinister threat to computers. Here is his communication to his clients; we fully endorse Chip’s advice: We wanted to bring to your attention a new and alarming type of computer “virus” which is being widely reported, called CryptoLocker or Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A. […]

The benefits of ESET – in their own words

ESET is our preferred provider of antivirus protection. As ESET partners, we are able to recommend and source the most suitable product for your needs. Here are the reasons that ESET believe you should choose them. Better Products • World record holder for VB100 Awards ‘Never missed an in the wild virus’ since testing began […]

The cloud comes to the rescue

After preaching about the benefits of cloud computing, I’ve now had personal experience of the benefits of relying on internet-based applications. On Wednesday morning I discovered that there was no life in my laptop. A replacement was quickly sourced, and I was able to pick up where I had left off the previous evening by […]

It’s time to consider on line back ups

Do You Have a Reliable and Tested Back Up System in Place? Imagine that you are working on some critical financial data at the office or perhaps sorting through family photographs on your computer at home. What would you do if the computer containing all of your business and/or personal information crashed and your entire […]

Mouse creep

Have you been the victim of mouse creep? You can be happily using your computer, when your work suddenly disappears or the cursor jumps to another part of your document. This occurs when the mouse moves without any conscious input from the user. If your mouse is seated on a smooth shiny surface it is […]

When is a back-up not a back-up?

A back-up can only be a safeguard for your precious data – photos, documents, emails – when it is a separate copy of that data, ideally stored on different media. Moving data onto an external hard drive does not represent a back-up if the original data no longer exists on the computer or other device. […]

The benefits of Cloud Computing

The use of cloud-based (ie internet) applications as opposed to programs sited on physical equipment can benefit businesses in a number of ways. More than ever, business owners need to squeeze even more productivity out of limited time, staffing and resources. Many small businesses see cloud computing as a way to access advanced technologies that […]

Planning for a business emergency

Business Continuity Planning – Surviving a Disaster Our newsletter this month deals with the issue of planning for every eventuality which could prevent you from getting on with your normal business activities. If your technology stopped working, would your business stop functioning too? Is your business totally reliant on the information stored on your computer […]

Ways to avoid having your email address blacklisted

There are factors outside your control, such as activity from an IP address (internet location) which partially matches that of your organisation. There are however measures you can follow to minimise the likelihood of your emails being identified as spam which could lead to your address being blacklisted. SpamAssassin is one of the most effective […]

Windows XP – end of an era

Windows XP has been a robust Microsoft Operating System since it was launched 12 years ago. Amazingly almost 39% of Microsoft users are still on Window XP. So when Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014 what is likely to happen? After this date Microsoft will stop releasing patches and updates to […]

What is email blacklisting?

Blacklisting can apply to membership requests for exclusive clubs, employment applications and in the sphere of computing to emails. A blacklist is basically a record of those individuals or items which are to be excluded or prohibited. There are organisations which protect email systems from spam and hackers, and they have various methods of determining […]

What is Soonr?

Soonr is a file management system which we can set up for your business. Computer Troubleshooters are partners of Colt Ceano (www.colt.net/ceano) who have provided the following information: Soonr is file sharing and collaboration for the modern, mobile world. With Soonr you can safely manage, organize and share files with the people you need to. […]

What are managed services?

Our latest newsletter tackles the question of managed services – what are they and should your business be using them. You may often hear talk about “managed services”, but what does it actually mean? The term “managed services” is generally defined as the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities with the strategic goal of reducing […]

Why we recommend ESET antivirus software

Viruses and other malware continue to pose a threat to all computer users, and it is essential to arrange protection for your machine. As ESET partners, we are happy to recommend ESET Nod32 and the other antivirus products that they supply. There are many good reasons to choose ESET: – the program is not resource-hungry, […]

Could you have a counterfeit Office disc?

As the cost of hardware has reduced significantly over the last decade, the price of software represents a larger proportion of your purchase when you decide to upgrade your IT equipment. It can be very tempting to source cheaper software, but there is a great risk that this could damage your PC, you are unlikely […]

Another Satisfied Server Customer

Our valued customer Gordon Gunning of GTDS has taken time out to pen a testimonial following our recent project to upgrade his server: With reference to the recent GTDS Server Upgrade As you are aware, we were in desperate need of a server upgrade, because the existing server was 9 years old and reaching its […]

What if a server isn’t the solution …

… but your business still needs to access shared data. We have given some thought to the file storage considerations of a business which does not make use of the additional features offered by a server. We suggest that a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit is installed. This is in effect an external hard drive […]

Does your business need a server?

With the advent of cloud computing catering for so many business services, the decision to have a server is not so clear-cut as it was 10 years ago. We have certainly seen a trend of businesses abandoning servers in favour of central storage media for shared documents coupled with internet-based email systems. However, there are […]

Can your business survive a data loss?

Most businesses report that they are not properly prepared to combat the risk or to bounce-back in the event they suffer a catastrophic data loss. There are a number of factors that affect the majority of businesses today and may increase their susceptibility of a data loss: * Business owners incorrectly assume that quality backup […]

Is your computer system ready to explode?

Is there a ticking timebomb lurking in your computer systems? Let Computer Troubleshooters help you to avoid disaster by detecting potential threats to your systems. Common threats are incomplete backups, out-of-date security software and missing disaster recovery plans. We are currently offering a FREE SYSTEM AUDIT. The system audit is a free health check of […]

A change in priorities

We have recently reviewed our target market and as a result we have decided to focus exclusively on small and medium-sized businesses in the local area. Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on computers and other technology to support their daily commercial transactions. The cost of employing an IT department cannot generally be justified, but the […]

BT Business Email Upgrade

BT Business Email Upgrade BT Business email is in the process of being upgraded. The underlying email system, being migrated to, is Microsoft’s Office 365. One of our customers needed help as he didn’t understand the emails that BT had sent regarding changing his email settings. If you aren’t familiar with POP settings, SSL and […]

Multi-user Email Signatures Made Easy

We were recently called by a customer because he wanted each of his 35 employees to have a company standard email signature (including disclaimer). To achieve this, you would usually need to remotely access each user’s computer and set up the signatures in the email software, such as Outlook, individually; a daunting prospect, which is […]

Internet Phone Scam Continues

This scam involves a cold caller (sometimes insisting they have an affiliatino with Microsoft) asking if you have a computer and then informing you that you have problems with it or that you have a virus. They talk you through how to allow them access to the computer where they then “fix” non-existant problems and […]

Where has all my space gone?

One of the things that we often get told by our customers is that the pc is probably “jammed up” with too much stuff! You can check out how much space you have left on your computer by clicking on the “My Computer” or “Computer” button from the Start menu. Check the hard disks (commonly […]

Hard drive prices increasing

Thailand is the second largest manufacturer of hard drives. With factories flooded, there will be a shortfall of hard drives to meet the expected demand. We have already seen costs of hard drives rise significantly. We expect that the cost of laptops and computers will also increase through the first quarter of next year.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has recently announced it’s “cloud” offering – Office 365. Here at Computer Troubleshooters, we have been getting up to speed on what this could mean to small businesses. As a Microsoft partner we have access to Office 365 in-house licenses and have been trying it out. Currently we are in the process of moving […]

Windows Recovery Malware

We have seen three computers this week infected with a malware program calling itself Windows Recovery. It attempts to trick the user into thinking they have a hard drive issue, with critical errors. In addition it hides all documents, pictures etc making the user think that they have been lost. Then the malware will offer […]

The return of a service by popular demand

Summertime Special 2011 …Wouldn’t you like to be able to get out and enjoy the summer sunshine, rather than being tied to your desk, waiting for your computer to respond? …Doesn’t your computer deserve a bit of care and attention, not to mention a thorough springclean? Then we recommend sending your machine for a tune […]

New! Daily Server Safety Check

Keep your most vital systems safe! Two of the most important systems for any business are its Backup and Anti Virus programs. The problem is when these programs stop working correctly, you usually don’t know. In these cases, you’re left vulnerable to critical data loss – or to virus attack. Now with our easy and […]

Microsoft warning over browser security flaw

Microsoft has issued a global warning about a potential security issue with it’s web browser, Internet Explorer. The following BBC link gives more information: Microsoft warning over browser security flaw If you need any help in installing the update or advice regarding alternative browsers then please contact us.

CT Tonbridge recommends ESET for Internet Security

“Which antivirus program do you recommend?” We regularly get asked this program. At this point in time, we recommend ESET NOD32. It has an excellent track record in various virus tests and it doesn’t slow down your pc as much as some other antivirus products we could mention. Computer Troubleshooters and ESET

Get Safe Online Week – 15th to 19th November 2010

Get Safe Online is a joint initiative between the Government, law enforcement, leading businesses and the public sector. Our aim is to provide computer users and small businesses with free, independent, user-friendly advice that will allow them to use the internet confidently, safely and securely. Get Safe Online is an annual event to raise awareness […]

Welcome to Computer Troubleshooters Blog!

Computer Troubleshooters is now sharing its computer expertise in another medium for its customers. Online! Computer Troubleshooters now has its own blog, which we hope will become a valuable resource for you as you navigate the sometimes complicated world of understanding computers. Looking for networking tips, how to solve connectivity problems? Or even some more […]