How to enjoy a sweepstake in a small office


Even for those people who would never think of entering a bookies’ shop or having a flutter via an online gambling app, there are certain major events, sporting or otherwise, where the enjoyment can be enhanced by participating in an office sweepstake.  Where you wouldn’t normally care about the fate of a little-known horse in the Grand National, for example, you suddenly develop a passionate interest in the outcome of the race, all because of the £1 stake you wagered with your colleagues!

The UEFA European Championship 2016, more affectionately known as Euro 2016, is one such occasion when even the most ardent football-hater can suddenly display as much enthusiasm as the most fervent soccer fan.  But where is the fun in divvying up 24 teams when you only have a workforce of 4?

Here at Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge we have hit upon a novel approach which has allowed us to be part of the action while sharing the joy (and the agony) with our service plan customers, who also find themselves faced with the small office dilemma.  Read more

Celebrating 15 years of local service, global strength

15_years_of_serviceUK2The time: 9 am

The date: Saturday 10th October 2015

The place: Bury

The event: the Computer Troubleshooters annual European Conference

On a crisp Autumnal weekend, the Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge team wended our way to join other Computer Troubleshooters from around Europe to celebrate our IT support services franchise’s 15th anniversary.

This event is always a highlight in the Computer Troubleshooters calendar as it presents a wonderful opportunity to forge real (as opposed to virtual) relationships with our fellow franchisees, to learn about developments in the franchise and the latest vendor offerings and to work together to improve our businesses. Read more

We’re in print!

Kings Hill directoryThe Kings Hill directory has kindly included an article about Computer Troubleshooters and our backup review offer in their January edition. Just in case you cannot lay your hands on a copy, here is the text from their feature:

Computer Troubleshooters can help your business with all its computer needs. This month we are offering a backup review to ensure that your computers failing do not compromise your business. Take a moment to consider the impact if the worst were to happen:

  • Could you recover important documents if your computer was stolen, destroyed in a fire or simply stopped working?
  • Would your company be able to continue working without disruption?
  • Would you have access to historic emails and accounts?

You should of course have backup arrangements in place, but do you know if they work reliably?  Are you certain you could retrieve your data?

 Computer Troubleshooters can tailor the most suitable backup solution for your company, be it online, physical hard drive or a hybrid combination.

The team at Computer Troubleshooters set up a cloud data backup system and installed anti-virus software remotely over the internet. Their service was superbly efficient and professional. My normal workflow was not interrupted and I can now sleep soundly at night knowing the [Computer Troubleshooters] crew are protecting my vital data and equipment! Many thanks.

Nick Tunstill Demon Skinz Limited

Don’t delay; your data (and your business) is at risk.  Call Computer Troubleshooters on 01732 300064 to arrange your backup review today.

Welcome to Computer Troubleshooters Blog!

Computer Troubleshooters is now sharing its computer expertise in another medium for its customers. Online! Computer Troubleshooters now has its own blog, which we hope will become a valuable resource for you as you navigate the sometimes complicated world of understanding computers.

Looking for networking tips, how to solve connectivity problems? Or even some more basic tips on how to use Excel or Powerpoint? We’ll be posting tips, suggestions and valuable resource material for your convenience.

We might even blog a little about what’s happening inside Computer Troubleshooters, so check back often.

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