Thinking of VOIP? Think of the savings!


I’ll be brief today.  I just wanted to share with you this lovely testimonial from my BNI colleague and mortgage adviser Glenn Fuller of Next Step Mortgages.  Why not give him a call to check out our VOIP phone system, and treat yourself to a free mortgage review while you are at it – Glenn could save you money and it costs you nothing.

Another excellent reason to choose our VOIP solution: a substantial monthly saving in call costs!  Thanks for taking the time to put pen to paper, Glenn.

The power of the #ff

twitterTwitter abounds with abbreviations; after all, when you only have 140 characters to play with, you need all the help you can get to reduce and compress your message.

Many of the short forms started their life when text speak was first developed, although this was motivated more by the desire to type quickly than a limit on word count.  Thus we see words or syllables being replaced with numbers:

  • “4” for “for”
  • “gr8” for “great”
  • “2nite” instead of “tonight”

And TLAs (three letter abbreviations) have become ubiquitous: HTH, LOL, IMO.

Twitter has some “traditions” which are common across social media platforms, and others that are unique to Twitter.  The initials are often paired with a hashtag (#) to permit ease of searching.  Thus we have #tbt – Throw Back Thursday – where the reader is reminded of how people (or objects, but mostly people) looked in the past.  This is an opportunity to post embarrassing pictures of friends in dodgy fashions, and of course takes place on a Thursday.

Another great Twitter tradition is #ff – Follow Friday.  Read more

Oh what a lovely testimonial!

oakleydn-logoWe were delighted when Oakley Day Nursery agreed to use the Computer Protection Plan for their office computer, but even more delighted when Dominic followed up with these very kind words. It feels very good to receive such a glowing testimonial; thank you Dominic.

I can highly recommend Steve and his team a Computer Troubleshooters Tonbridge. I am a relatively new customer to CT but Steve and his team have been able to support all our computer needs and they go above and beyond what you would normally expect. On top of this their approach to customer service is fantastic; head and shoulders above anyone else I have experienced. It’s Steve and Computer Troubleshooters for all our IT needs from now on.

I also wanted to say how nice it is to engage with a company that appears to really appreciate their customers. The tone and language of your communication suggests a genuine approach to your customer service. Which in this day and age of everyone trying to make a fast ‘buck’, it makes a refreshing change.


Dominic Gill

Oakley Day Nursery and Pre-School


Pleased as punch with our new testimonial!

IS108-031Doing a good job should be reward enough in itself, but everyone likes their efforts to be recognised, don’t they?


We are always very grateful when one of our customers takes time out from their busy schedules to write up a testimonial. Andrew Bradley kindly dropped us a line today. We are delighted that Cantium Consulting have chosen us as their IT support partner for another year.


Upon the renewal of our managed services contract:


I have been very pleased with the excellent service you have provided and definitely wish to continue our arrangement.


Andrew Bradley

Cantium Consulting Limited

Chartered Accountants, Tonbridge

Service plan comes highly recommended

We have recently received this testimonial from Stephen Searby of Sevenoaks Physiotherapy, highlighting the benefits of a Computer Troubleshooters service plan:

We have been using Computer Troubleshooters for over a year now and to be honest don’t know how we would have seen our way through a major period of IT change without them. Whilst Computer Troubleshooters have all the technical knowledge of a much bigger outfit they bring the added advantage for us as being truly local and consequently provide a personal and highly responsive service.

The Computer Troubleshooters service plan ‘formula’ works very well for us. We have already had good value given the work they have done and view the service plan as being essential ‘insurance’ against any future IT related issues.

Another Satisfied Server Customer

Our valued customer Gordon Gunning of GTDS has taken time out to pen a testimonial following our recent project to upgrade his server:

With reference to the recent GTDS Server Upgrade

As you are aware, we were in desperate need of a server upgrade, because the existing server was 9 years old and reaching its full capacity.

With our offices at West Malling and Dartford and more than 50 engineers working remotely throughout the UK, we were naturally concerned about potential disruption and more importantly loss of data.

I cannot thank you enough for an excellent job done, we experienced no disruption to our operation, there were only very minor glitches which can be expected during a complex changeover.

You worked hard and long hours over the two weekends during the changeovers.

You were here to help and advise our remote engineers following the changeovers.

We experienced no loss of data.

The new server has speeded up things making it easier for all our staff to share data and communicate.

We really appreciate your support, not only through the server changeover but also the help and advice you provide 365 days per year via our ongoing maintenance / support contract with you.

Gordon Gunning
Gunning Transmission and Distribution Services Ltd
West Malling