Back to school – hope you’re not wearing the dunce’s cap

September marks the return to school, and with it a return to normal business routines after the lazy, laid-back days of Summer.  In the UK we don’t appear to have any special ceremonies to mark this rite of passage, other than perhaps the purchasing of school uniforms and the cute group photos of the new reception classes published in local newspapers.  In Germany children are presented with an enormous cone full of sweets upon their first day at school – not perhaps a healthy eating message, but it does sweeten the transition from home to academic life.

Hopefully none of today’s young scholars will be subjected to the dunce’s cap.  This conical hat, often adorned with a letter D or the word “dunce”, would be worn as a punishment and the child thus branded stupid would also be sent to the corner of the room to stand facing the wall.

None of us like to be marked out as stupid, especially when it comes to our businesses.

There is one area, however, where you may be laying you open to an opportunity to don the dunce’s cap.

Just think about your response to victims of crime.  Whether it is burglary, a mugging or a pickpocketing attack, we will feel nothing but sympathy.  On the other hand, if you are the victim of cybercrime, you are made to feel stupid and irresponsible despite it being no fault of your own.  Even if no-one else has said this to you, you will no doubt be kicking yourself that you were duped into handing over access to your bank accounts and passwords by a persuasive hacker.

How can you ensure that you won’t be wearing the dunce’s cap this Autumn?  You need to get a good IT team on your side, of course!  Tighten up your system security to prevent the criminals getting through and educate your staff about the signs to look out for.

At Computer Troubleshooters we are pleased to confirm that we have Cyber Essentials certification and we’d be delighted to make sure you are never made to feel stupid or irresponsible again, at least where cybercrime is concerned!