Performing like a swan

You must have heard of the expression that a swan may appear calm and graceful as it glides across the water, but just beneath the surface it is paddling furiously.  Well, this week a performance of Swan Lake brought this expression to mind and made me think how it applies to the world of IT support too.

The opportunity to see Swan Lake staged by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House doesn’t come along that often, and indeed it’s no longer possible to see the cygnets in the flesh as the current run is completely sold out.  Fortunately for me, and thousands of other spectators around the world, we were granted admittance to the magical world of Tchaikovsky’s ballet through the medium of a live cinematic broadcast of the production.

Prima ballerina Marianela Nunez personified the elegant swan princess.  An added bonus of seeing the cinema version was the additional insights brought through recorded interviews during the intervals, and in one Nunez explained that Odette needs to be played as though you are “boneless” with a water-like fluidity.  Indeed, Nunez and her partner Vadim Muntagirov looked effortless and perfect, while all the time achieving extraordinary feats of athleticism.

There are of course moments where you can’t ignore the brilliance of the dancers.  As Odile, Nunez nails the famously formidable 32 fouettes (spinning around on the tip of her toe sticking to the same spot) ably matched by her partner Muntagirov in technical skill.

As effortless as it looks, these dancers can only achieve this by spending years in training and hours of meticulous rehearsals and carefully balanced diets and fitness regimes.  As Steve Jobs said: “It takes a lot of work to make something simple”!

And the IT Support connection?

You may not see your trusted IT adviser in a feather tutu and tights, but our technical expertise has been honed through years of experience and practice just like your favourite dancer.  Please rest assured that we are paddling strenuously just under the surface to ensure that, where your systems are concerned, it’s all plain sailing.  We offer the added bonus of monitoring and updating your computers while you sleep, thanks to our support partners, the Continuum NOC.

The moral of the story; if you want to see a swan-like performance, entrust the job to the professionals, be it terpsichorean or technical!