Protect your computers from Coronavirus!


It feels like everyone is avid for Covid-19 news at the moment and we are bombarded with news alerts about the latest postponement or quarantine.  Your business may have already made plans for remote working.  Indeed, you may have implemented a ban on face-to-face business meetings.

Unfortunately, where there is a thirst for information, cyber criminals are ready to exploit this.  The weapon of choice of the hacker is the phishing email; by providing urgent updates about Coronavirus they aim to tempt the computer user into divulging their passwords or granting access to the company data.  The BBC website has compiled some recent phishing email examples which you can read here.

Please warn your staff to be wary of any Coronavirus-related emails which originate from an unknown sender.  This Business Insider article gives helpful tips on how to identify dodgy emails.  If anyone is uncertain or believes they have clicked on a phishing email, encourage them to contact Computer Troubleshooters and we can check it out.

If your team is working remotely, there are 2 main concerns to consider.

  • Firstly, with colleagues not being close at hand, there is no sounding board for concerns at a time when you are keen for up-to-date information so the temptation to click may be greater.
  • Secondly, security may not be as watertight as in the office. If staff are using their own computers, do they have sufficient antivirus protection in place?  If they are accessing office computers remotely, is the company left vulnerable to attack?

We are here to help.  If in doubt, please ask.

Stay safe!

Your Computer Troubleshooters team.

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