Your trusted IT advisor is in the national news!


I thought you would be interested to hear about Steve’s 15 minutes of fame this week.

The Daily Mail were looking for an industry expert to provide a quote about ransomware and a Google search led the journalist to our blog featuring a ransomware attack on “The Good Wife”.   Surely you remember this story: you can check it out here.  Steve was duly interviewed and the result appeared in the Daily Mail yesterday.

The article is inspired by David Beckham’s recent problems with his emails being hacked, but goes on to discuss ransomware.  Steve features in the lower section near the photo of a keyboard.  You can read the full article here.

So you can see that you enjoy the services of a celebrity IT advisor.  You can rest assured that when it comes to cyber attacks, and any other IT issues, Computer Troubleshooters has got your back. 

And just in case you could not find them, here are Steve’s quotes from the article:

For the time being, it looks like the most likely victims are small businesses. Any IT consultant will tell you stories of clients who have been preyed upon.

‘I know of at least six cases,’ says Steve Rice, the owner of Computer Troubleshooters, in Tonbridge, Kent. ‘There’s no doubt that it’s on the rise, and the hackers are indiscriminate about who they target.’

So how exactly do the hackers manage to install ransomware on a firm’s computer system?

‘The normal way is through an employee clicking on an innocent-looking email attachment that looks to come from someone reputable,’ says Mr Rice. ‘However, the attachment contains the ransomware software, and as soon as it is clicked on, it starts to burrow through all the computers on the network and encrypting the files.’
‘There are so many attacks, I’m not really sure what the police can do,’ says Steve Rice, of Computer Troubleshooters. ‘Perhaps they can investigate the bigger cases, but most firms just want to pay the ransom and get back to business.’