What’s the point of VoIP?


Have you heard of businesses replacing their old landline phones with VoIP?  Ever wondered what this is, and if your business may be missing out?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  In simple terms, it allows you to make phone calls over your broadband connection rather than needing an analogue (physical) landline.

Computer Troubleshooters does more than just look after your office computers, we can get you set up with the perfect telephone solution too.

Why would you need VoIP?  Perhaps your experience is similar to this Tunbridge Wells business:

The customer had a single landline and 4 engineers: 

  • If you tried to call them, the line was mostly engaged.
  • If you did get through, they would hurry the conversation to make sure the line wasn’t blocked for other callers.
  • If the engineers wanted to call you, they would use their personal mobiles rather than the company line to keep the landline clear – it didn’t look professional.

Then they installed VoIP and the transformation was remarkable:

  • Now they have VoIP there is no limit to the number of simultaneous calls they can receive and make.
  • If they run out of people to answer the phone, the caller can get through to voicemail which is delivered to the company email which can be accessed on the go.
  • The system comes with hold music, so the caller knows they haven’t been cut off.
  • The engineers can also make company calls using an app on their mobiles which show the company phone number – no more out-of-hours customer calls to your personal number and your customer knows which company is calling. This is an excellent solution for team members working from home.

Does this toll the death knell for the office phone?

  • Readers of a certain age will remember home landline phones which were wired in, usually in the hallway on the telephone table. Modern landline phones are more flexible, but phone points are required in suitable places to allow your handset to be plugged in.
  • With VoIP, there are no physical landlines. You can choose the device to suit your business: desk phone, cordless, wireless headset, softphone (with the phone function working on your computer) or app.
  • If you had a switchboard, this functionality is available in VoIP form too.

Is this just a business solution?

  • No, residential homes can use VoIP Maybe you would like to keep your familiar landline number when you move, but not have the expense of a physical landline.
  • Seniors moving into care or specialised accommodation depend on staying in touch with their family and friends who know their old landline number. There’s a simple solution to address this too, setting up a simple mobile phone with their landline number.  You can read more about this service in our blog about Mabel!

If you are now tempted to see what VoIP could do for your business, give me a call – 01732 300064.

As Karl Marx might have commented:

Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your fixed landlines!