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Don’t shoot your computer …


Have you been binge-watching boxsets over lockdown?  What’s your favourite?  Have you got a guilty pleasure?

We’ve belatedly discovered NCIS, with the dynamic investigation team led by Special Agent Jethro Gibbs.  It features stories, more often than not involving the mysterious death of a marine, in which NCIS (the Naval Criminal Investigative Service) are called in to investigate.

Imagine our surprise, then, when an episode strayed into the realm of cybercrime and hackers!  Gibbs has clearly never listened to a Computer Troubleshooters BNI 60 seconds, as his solution for stopping a computer from launching a deadly hacking attack on the Pentagon is to shoot it.  To be fair, he did try turning if off (but not on again) first!

If you are intrigued, you can see it for yourself – series 8 episode 16 Kill Screen.  Watch out though, you could find yourself hooked and there are 18 series of NCIS with plenty more spin-off episodes!

If you are faced with a hacker attack, don’t shoot your computers, call the Computer Troubleshooters!  You will need support and guidance to make sure that your business can recover from their crime.  Better still, consider implementing a plan to prevent the cyber criminals.  You can make sure that your systems are protected and your staff are trained to be on the lookout for suspicious emails.

And should you visit BNI, you can picture Gibbs’ solution to hacker attacks when you hear the Computer Troubleshooters’ catchphrase:

Don’t shoot your computers, call the Computer Troubleshooters!

The number’s 01732 300064.

Resolve to protect your business from cybercrime in 2021


As I put pen to paper (or rather, apply keystrokes to a document), it’s that in-between period between Christmas and New Year – always an excellent time to stand back from the business and take stock.  Have you considered the New Year’s Resolutions for your business for 2021 yet?

If you are looking for inspiration, here’s a suggestion for you:

Would you consider beefing up your cyber security?  Now more than ever, your business is coming under attack:

  • As lockdowns look set to continue with employees working remotely from home or isolated in socially distanced office settings, your team can miss support and guidance and are more vulnerable to becoming victims of opportunistic hackers.
  • Those same tiered restrictions mean that companies are depending on internet-based communications more than ever, both with their staff and their customers.
  • It definitely feels like we are being bombarded with dodgy emails, suspicious text messages and malicious pop-ups on a daily basis.

Just as you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink, you can tell your staff about phishing emails but it’s hard to stop them clicking on the link.

What you need is a tailored education programme, not just providing online training but also testing if the lesson has been taken on board by dangling a safe phishing email as bait.  You get to design the bait emails so that you can target them for specific job functions and times of day when your employees might not be on their guard.

This solution also comes with dark web scanning.  This reveals emails with your company address whose passwords are available for sale to hackers online.  It’s useful to know which accounts are compromised so that you can shore up your defences before a serious breach occurs.

Consider the cost to your business in terms of loss of data, money, time and reputation if your company is hit by a cyber-attack.  Resolve to improve your protection now!

Call Computer Troubleshooters on 01732 300064 to make your IT setup secure from hackers.

Wishing you a cyber-safe and prosperous New Year!